Jackpot Movie Review

Jackpot Movie Review
Jackpot Movie Review
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Jackpot Movie Review

WriterKalyaan K
MusicVishal Chandrasekhar
CinematographyR. S. Anandakumar
EditorVijay Velukutty
Production company2D Entertainment
Running Time142 mins
Release Date2nd August 2019

Actress Jyotika’s fans have been unceasingly going through a phase of unlimited enthrallment as her movies are getting released regularly. Following an unconventional roles in Ratchasi and her erstwhile movies, she now settles down with a full-fun entertainer avatar through Jackpot. The film is directed by Kalyan of Gulaebaghavali fame and is produced by Suriya for 2D Entertainment.

The story traverses through three different phases – 1919, 1980s and current year with the major premise set in the latter part. It all begins in 1919 with a magical vessel that a poor man gets beneath the earth, which keeps multiplying any product dropped inside. 1980S introduces the major characters of the film, where Maasha (Revathy) with little niece, who is later seen as Jyotika are indulging in fraudulent acts. Of course, there are few other characters as well. In 2019, all these characters get linked with the magical treasure.

As you reading this tale, it sounds more like an interesting adventure-fantasy tale, isn’t? Naturally, the first few minutes of the film does offer us impressive drama. But sooner, things fall out of places due to flimsy writing. As a director, Kalyan has clearly understood the pulse of commercial film lovers. He indulges in a mindless entertainer, which might irk up the critics, but definitely not the general audiences, who are now ready to laugh out loud simply looking at the poster images of Yogi Babu. One thing that we need to appreciate about Jackpot is the perfect production planning by the team, where the director makes use of actors appropriately.

Nonetheless, the writing definitely needs to be blamed as after few minutes you’re pushed into boredom. Having come across such comedy capers that have sumptuous characters, we are brimmed with some hopes that the second hour would be engaging, but again, it’s more disappointing.

Jyotika does a good show and gives her best to entertain her fans, but in few places, we tend to notice her over-acting. Revathy doesn’t get a meaty role and keeps appearing by Jyotika all the time. Yes, she is remarkable with her dancing. Yogi Babu is okay. Anand Raj tries to carry the film on his shoulders, which helps in engagement to a certain extent and Mansoor Ali Khan’s role is too feeble.

Overall, Jackpot tries to establish Jyotika in a full-form mass entertainer avatar, which does work out, but to limited degree. Kalyan’s writing definitely needs some enhancements.

Jackpot Movie Review
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Verdict: Doesn’t hold our attention thoroughly though the basic plot is more laudable

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