Jeeva Movie Review

Director Suseenthiran is famous for bringing the real-life incident to big screen in his subtle way of story telling. In that aspect, he comes up yet again with a sports theme.

Cast : Vishnu, Sri Divya, Soori
Music : D.Imman
Cinematography : R. Madhi
Editing : Anthony L. Ruben
Producer : Arya (Actor), Vishal, Suseenthiran, R.Madhie, Rajeevan and The Next BiG Film
Director : Suseenthiran

A movie about cricket with a strong message saying “Cricket is not for who have talents but also need some more additional unwanted qualification”. Though there are movies already come up with this sport, yet this is an out-and-out cricket inspirational movie with a beautiful romantic portions too. Susee 7th dirctorial flick in 6yrs of film making and his films mostly will have a liveliness without cinematic scenes. This one joins in that list and make us to fall in dreams and aspirations.

As it is a inspirational movie, susee started to give the detailing from the childhood on how cricket seeds in vishnu’s life and how it developed upto he played before a large public audience with the mix of romance, friendship, comedy, sacrifice.


Vishnu’s childhood fun with his friends and cricket madness was shown very neatly and the beauty here is that the little boy resembles vishnu’s look. Making toss, buying a cricket bat, classroom comedy portions make us to go to those ages.

Jeeva Movie Reivew
Jeeva Movie Reivew


Romance portions also one of the highlight of the movie. Pre-mature attraction from divya and that transforms to love when she knows about the history of vishnu was beautiful. Film moves between cricket and romance portions and those two transformations were well handled. Once vishnu moves out of love and concentrate on cricket, a scene will make remember his love on the flow and then visual goes to romance portion again. Likewise the flip-flop was perfect thoroughout.

Jeeva Movie Reivew
Jeeva Movie Reivew


Even a cricket hater will like this movie as the way it handled will impress anyone. For cricket fans, its a treat to watch with the real detailing of stages upto national level series. Even vishnu ready to sacrifice his love because of the passion in cricket make everyone to stand out and relate it to their lives. Also a bold attempt to show a community politics in cricket board and thank god no controversies arised at the release.

Jeeva Movie Reivew
Jeeva Movie Reivew


A runtime comedy in each stages of movie. This way of comedy really work out than a separate track. Soori is top and his presence itself make us to laugh in this flick. senior cricketer soori, lunch get-together & soori’s flashback, soori’s bating at the field, pp sekar character with divya are portions make us to laugh out loudly.

Jeeva Movie Reivew
Jeeva Movie Reivew


One of the best from D.Imman in terms of songs. Oruthi mele and ovvandrai thirudugirai will fight each other to leave your mind. specially the background crew for oruthi mele song with their western cultural makeup and making a shhup sound with mouth actions glued with the music of that song. SPB soulful singing at enge ponai make us something. New year song sangi mangi is not coming in the movie that will not fit anywhere and might slowed down the screenplay if it was inserted. All songs are placed well in the flow of the movie. BGM is average.

Jeeva Movie Reivew
Jeeva Movie Reivew


As it is a sports flick, flashy portions at fields were shown well just like watching a highlights of the cricket. Songs were captured well enough to have the vow feel. Specially the oruthi mele song at the college campus is like ice for eyes. climax at the cricket stadium with flash lights make it a grand occasion.


Vishnu is the right choice for the movie and his acting went to next level and taken the whole movie in his shoulder. Though he is over matured for schooling portions, yet his acting overcome those. He showed the variety in his facial expressions be it romance, passion about his field, courage etc. Divya a cute one who also has more screen presence did a decent job and showed a difference between school and college girl by her uniform and hair-style which is plesant to look in both. Charlie’s responsive act so peaceful. Vishnu’s friend, though he is equally passionbale towards cricket, it doesnt show up well with his performance and his portions with parthasarthy is good.

Jeeva Movie Reivew
Jeeva Movie Reivew


soori’s one liner about girls, slow motion shots at cricket, top angle shot of a college etc are vow moments which cherish us. At Climax, when a hand catches the ball of a helicopter shot and the transformations after that really a whistling moment. Centiments are much needed for this movie and taken at the right place. when vishnu friend got demotivated out of cricket which thrown out to bed with heavy heart and when his mother got to know that, and then taken his sheet and pillow to sleep aside with him, a classic. Vishnu’s father blow out with words in angry after he failed to achieve in cricket and then back again at next moment and cried to say that he love his son so much and he wants him alive is very practical and touchy moments.


For a motivational cricket movie, what and all you expect,that all there with right mix of all flavours. Though usual politics, revenge, sacrifice, straight story line, how it has been presented matters and in that susee strike a shot with his unique story telling technique. Movie is crisp and no dragging anywhere.

Jeeva – ” A Feel-Good motivational Cricket Movie with all flavours “

Our rating ––>  3.5/5

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