Jigina Movie Review

Director : Nanda Periyasamy
Cast : Vijay Vasanth, Sanea Tara
Music : John Peter
Production company: Thirrupathi Brothers, Rahul Films
Certificate : “U”
Runtime : 114 Minutes
Release Date: 21-August-2015

Technological emotions! It sounds like a paradox isn’t? Over the years albeit the language barriers such movie like The Social Network, The Imitation Game and so on that even comes to a beautiful tale crafted by Revathi – Mitr My Friend. These films were about the technology of Email and machines, but somewhere the emotions prevail, the relationship values were established. Getting down to the south, Nanda Periyasamy’s Jigina deals with the crisis involving the Facebook users, this time little serious and practical.

Vijay Vasanth plays a cab driver who hasn’t been happy enough with his loneliness. While commuting the young bunch of staffs from IT industry, he gets friendly and they in turn help him find a beautiful girl through Facebook, but with his fake profile. He manages to win the attention of a beautiful girl – Saniya Thara. In an unfortunate manner, the tales twist with unpredictable twists with a climax pointing towards surprise.

Nanda Periyasamy has picked up a theme that was indeed a serious scenario when the realms of Facebook were at the peak. Wrong identities and how innocent victims fall as prey had been a topmost headline in newspapers and media channels. Vijay Vasanth does complete justice to his role and has matured a lot with his skills. Unlike his previous film, which was an edge-seated thriller, this movie might not offer him a large scope, but he does what could make him a standout at best. Saniya is impressive with her looks and does her best, though the emotional sequences aren’t much for her. The opening sequence of Vijay Vasanth standing at suicide point evokes a curiousness to know what’s unfolding and so is the situation when a girl comes to the same point only to have the suspense unveiled by post-intermission. But the intermediate scenes in between are the drama that are slightly flimsy and non-substantive. Had the director made them little engaging this could have been an appropriate show for this season. The film lacks emotions in places, but somehow gets a good package by the end of show. This film isn’t just preachy, but gets is mixed with some drama.

Technically the film could have been better as cinematography looks bleak and couple of songs are composed with good efforts.

Jigina is a film that encompasses a stirring problem in the world of social media, but the happy ending where victims don’t succumb to fate, but have a great start is an appreciable one from Nanda Periyasamy.

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Jigina : A mediocre with some entertainment

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