Kaakka Muttai Movie Review

Inscribed masterpieces that ignited the global spotlights have delineated India as an epitomic capital of slums. Well, we host the world’s most luxurious IPLs and foodies who can grab a delicious plate of lobster for the same cost that many cannot afford to pay their monthly bills. And yet, what scores the most is the world of slum that throws deep into lives and veins of slums. From what Danny Boyle had enthralled with Slumdog Millionaire, this one takes a straight cut with Manikandan’s creative stroke that throws up light on Globalization.

The kiddo brothers – Elder one as Periya Kaaka Muttai and his younger cutie Chinna Kaaka Muttai are aimless happy-go-lucky chaps. Their father in prison and mother does everything on household jobs as breadwinner. That’s a plot, where their lives take a turn, when this enigmatic dish seasoned with cheese and peppers. Yeah! That’s the volatile Pizza that sends forth a gold rush into them, same as we as kids were excited about. But these kids on contrary cannot afford to make it. So they hatch up their conniving arts to loot up the best pennies to munch them up. But finally, it’s not about them getting savored, but a dramatic sequence that widely gives a light of the realistic scenario.

After experiencing this non-cinematic showpiece, the reviews would probably turn into a critical analysis. Such would be the obvious thoughts of anyone who has watched the film. Rarely do we feel that we are in theatres and get commuted to the localities of this Crows’ eggs. Embellishing the scenic cinematography of Manikandan and his dramatic narrative is GV Prakash’s background score. The young fellas – Ramesh and Ramesh Thilaganathan stand out as the abrupt showstoppers here. They breathe in more lives into the characters unconsciously that sparks up more inquisitiveness of having them down our lanes.

The crystal clear narration sans any commercial elements, sparring few stereotypical moments like slow motioned shots and jarring music, they don’t scatter away our attention. Overall, it’s an emotional film with cheerful moments that sparkles up some cherishing elements as we walk out of theaters.

Kudos to Dhanush and Vetrimaaran for conceptualizing the scenario of what it would create in theatres and funding the project with blind hopes… Well, they are sure to get paid off well in box office from tomorrow

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Kakka Muttai – Classical essence with realistic punch

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