Kaanekkaane Movie Review

Kaanekkaane Movie Review

The critically acclaimed “Uyare” director’s new film “Kaanekkaane” is a simple emotional drama backed with terrific performances of Suraj Venjaramoodu, Tovino Thomas and Aiswarya Lekshmi.

As we look into the plot Paul (Suraj) an assistant Tahsildar, who is still at the grievance of his daughter Sherin (Shruti Ramachandran) who is died in a car accident. She was married to Allen (Tovino Thomas) and they have a boy kid named Kuttu. Allen remarried to Sneha (Aishwarya Lekshmi). Paul visits Allen’s house after a year of his daughter’s death who is still fighting for the justice for his daughter. He is welcomed by Sneha who is pregnant with Allen’s baby. Now when the story progresses Paul gets suspicious about his daughter’s death. Will he find the actual truth & get a justice for his daughter? Said in a two hour emotional tale with several high points.

Since this is a performance orientated film, if we look into the performances Suraj deserves a standing ovation. Tovino did a fine job supporting Suraj’s emotions. Aishwarya was fantastic who actually connects the whole story.

There are several high points in the film where suraj steals the show. The plot becomes an investigation thriller in the first half and gives us some good amount of thrills. After that in second half the story becomes a bit melodramatic and ends with a heartwarming finale. Kudos to the director who tied this complex emotional knot slowly and smoothly.

The crew’s work supported neatly for the emotional plus thrilling plot. Especially Alby Antony’s natural night time lightings and Ranjin Raj’s Background score on emotional scenes.

This emotional drama thrills us with some complex emotions performed by the leads. As the film progresses from the scene one, the character reveals and the tragic flashback portions were neatly staged.

Kaanekkaane Movie Review
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Verdict : A complex emotional drama with towering performances and several high points and slow narration.

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