Kaatrin Mozhi Movie Review

Kaatrin Mozhi Movie Review

Kaatrin Mozhi Movie Review

Direction Radha Mohan
Writer Pon. Parthiban (dialogues)
Producer G. Dhananjayan
Cast Jyothika
Lakshmi Manchu
Music A.H. Kaashif
Cinematography Mahesh Muthuswami
Editor Praveen K. L.
Production company BOFTA Media Works
Creative Entertainers
Running Time 140 mins
Release Date 16th November 2018


Jyotika starrer Kaatrin Mozhi has its own uniqueness and offers freshness even if you’ve already been a watcher of its original version ‘Tumhari Sulu’. The film comes for a moviemaker like Radha Mohan, which indeed offered us a lease of surefootedness that it would come out as a promising film. Apparently, it’s yes! Kaatrin Mozhi arrives as a much commendable film, which will have its pleasantness prevailing throughout the show.

Hailing from a middle class family, Vijayalakshmi (Jyotika) leads a happy life with her husband (Vidaarth) and their son, but has her dreams and aspirations suppressed. She has always wanted to explore herself into different visions, but the daily chores have been her barricades. However, her life goes through an unexpected change when she gets a chance as RJ to host the late night show in a FM Station. Of course, it’s joy, success and celebration, but it comes with an additional baggage of oppositions too.

The primary thing to be appreciated is the basic premise of this film. Congratulations to the writers of original version ‘Tumhari Sulu’. Of course, filmmaker Radha Mohan has taken his scrupulous efforts of adapting them to a neater remake. There is freshness throughout the film and that’s because of a beautiful casting. Be it the lead actors Jyotika, Vidaarth or the miniscule ones like caterer, who wants his pending payment, everyone has done a neat job. The first half with a running length of 60 minutes proceeds well. The post-intermission sequences are engaging too, but the unwanted inclusions of Yogi Babu seem to hamper the film’s progression. While Radha Mohan movies usually have a hilarious painting, this one seems to be slightly disappointing. Not for the fact that it lacks humour, but too many double entendres. Usually, his movies are preferred by family audiences and this might turn out to be a literal shock to them as well. We humbly request Radha Mohan to stay away from such factors for we love his decent ingredients.

Musical score by AH Kaashif happens to be a promising one, where his background score actually enlivens the movie in many places, especially during the second hour.

Jyotika has done a decorous job other than slightly irking us with her over-acting, especially her hilarious attempts that look too artificial. But then, she’s best than before while emoting to the critical situations. Vidaarth has given his heart and soul into the movie. His performance is so realistic. MS Bhaskar, Uma Padmanabhan, Lakshmi Manchu and even the guest appearance by STR looks at its best.

Overall, Kaatrin Mozhi has its best package of entertaining the family audiences with a beautiful message.