Kanchana 2 Movie Review

Kanchana 2 Movie Review

Cast : Raghava Lawrence, Taapsee Pannu, Kovai Sarala, Renuka
Written & Direction : Raghava Lawrence
Music : Leon James, Sathya, Thaman, Ashwamithra
Cinematography : Rajavel Olhiveeran
Distribution : Sun Pictures
Production : Bellamkonda Suresh

Shocks are sent right into your spines and on pars, your ribs are tickled. A perfect package of Raghava Lawrence’s ‘Muni’ franchise offers the third installment now titled ‘Muni-2’. With a worldwide release happening today, we bring you the exclusive movie review of the film.

Raghava Lawrence is back with the same characterization and his fear for ghosts and devils have upgraded to the next level. Now he doesn’t need his mother to accompany him for toilet visits, but instead hires a security (Mayilsamy) to take care of his fears. Raghava is a top cameraman who is now insisted by his girlfriend (Taapsee), a journalist at his work place to accompany him for a new TV series based on paranormal investigations. Dreaded with fear, Raghava manages to join the team, all for the sake of his belle. They zero in a perfect location of Bungalow that exactly looks like a haunted one. With their drama for shoot being planned, they start witnessing the paranormal activities and finally turn to be the victim of a bunch of ghosts there.

With a couple of back to back hits with ‘Muni’ franchise, Raghava Lawrence could have relaxed with his spell, but he stretches out his hand on the difficult roads to prove his proficiency yet again. Lots of scrupulous efforts could be seen with his performance throughout the film. Post-Aadukalam, Taapsee didn’t have apt projects to exhibit her prowess, but this one feeds her the best to boast about. And for everyone’s surprise, it’s Nithya Menon astonishing everyone on our feet. She appears by the penultimate sequence of this film and instantly eclipses everyone in the frame. While the previous installment ‘Kanchana’ had Kovai Sarala, Deva Darshini and Sriman had tickling out our funny bones, Raghava dramatized more dosage of humor with more artists to pep up this zone here. Kovai Sarala, Sriman, Mayilsamy, Mano Bala as Aravind Swamy, Chaams, Pooja and the one who is far-famed for her characterization Thenadai make the complete first half so much hilarious with slapstick moments.

Sooner as the story shifts to the second half, the focus shifts to ‘horror’ with some high pitched screeching sounds that might become a hurdle in few places, but again the promising play of flashback throws up the best engagement. Nevertheless, the film could have retained its duration of running length somewhere between 130-140 minutes. This perhaps would have made the experience little more engrossing.

Almost all the songs have its reach to jet-speed heights. Especially, the title song ‘Sillatta Pillatta’ and ‘Vaaya Veera’ are extraordinary tunes composed by debutant music director Leon. Background score by Thaman abundantly heightens the feel of eeriness and emotions.

Ghost movies have the same plot points and there is nothing to worry about it. Raghava Lawrence’s Kanchana 2 carries the similarities of his erstwhile horror franchise, but at the end of show, audience have it all gratified completely with this wholesome entertainer.

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Kanchana 2 – More humour, More horror, More surprises but little lengthy

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