Kasada Tabara Movie Review

Kasada Tabara Movie Review

Kasada Tabara Movie Review

When Kamal Haasan made Dasavatharam, the term ‘Chaos Theory’ attained its popularity. An era, where the Google search was still on its mediocre phase, and now, we have dozens of YouTube videos made on it. Apparently, Chimbu Devan has always been fascinated towards newfangled genres, which are quite an alien to Tamil movie industry. From dealing with fantasy, period comedy and finally making ‘Oru Kanniyum Moonu Kalavaaniyum’ based on ‘Run Lola Run’. He is now back with ‘Kasada Tabara’ produced by filmmaker Venkat Prabhu in association with Trident Arts Ravindran. A bunch of famous actors, cinematographers and music directors are amalgamated for this project. So, what’s it all about?

Six stories that have hyperlink connectivity… In simple terms, a movie is based on The Butterfly Effect with a pinch of Vantage Point. The movie opens with Premgi Amaran returning back a document file to Regina Cassandra, which indeed saves her from hazardous situation. The story later commutes into the zone of an individual (Prithvi Pandiarajan), whose gesture towards a hysterical women (Vijayalakshmi) costs the lives of many, thereby sending an innocent (Venkat Prabhu) behind the bars. Then comes the chapter of a gangster (Sampath), who wants to mend his ways and experience the new lease of a peaceful life. It eventually affects the marriage life of a cop (Sundeep Kishan). The cop gets the misplaced mobile phone of his sister (Vidya Prathap) returned by a youngster (Harish Kalyan), where a turbulent point occurs.

The best highlighting trait about the movie Kasada Tabara is that Chimbu Devan has worked a lot on the script by linking the stories. However, he could have worked a better transition for few stories. But he deserves special mention for bringing together the top technicians and nurturing the story with best impact. When it comes to songs, Yuvan Shankar Raja and Santhosh Narayanan strike the gold. On the visual front, every cinematographer has offered the best stroke. In fact, it’s a smart move by Chimbu Devan by getting various cinematographers for each story, instead of spending more on the tones (post-production works).

Harish Kalyan, Sundeep Kishan, Sampath and Vijayalakshmi steal the spotlights. In fact, all the actors have delivered decorous performance. Courtesy the effective scripting of plot and characterizations by Chimbu Devan.

Kasada Tabara deserves a watch and it will not disappoint you.

Kasada Tabara Movie Review
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Verdict: Deserves a watch! Special mention to the efforts of Chimbu Devan

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