kadhanayagan review

Kathanayagan Movie Review

Kathanayagan Movie Review

Written:  Tha.Muruganantham
Direction : Tha.Muruganantham
Producer : Vishnu
Cast : Vishnu Vishal, Catherine Tresa, Soori
Music : Sean Roldan
Cinematography : J Laxman
Editor : Sridharan
Production company : Vishnu Vishal Studioz
Running Time : 138 mins

Vishnu Vishal had his toast of success with the film Velainu Vandhutta Velaikkaran and this could have instigated him to make one such film again. Kathanayagan is directed by Muruganantham, who happens to be an actor as well. Catherine Tresa plays the female lead and others in the cast include Soori, Anand Raj, Arul Doss and few more prominent actors. Vijay Sethupathi has played a cameo role.

Will the innocent chap become a super hero to redeem his girl?

The film revolves around a good but cowardice chap (Vishnu Vishal), who is a revenue officer. As it happens in many commercial movies, he falls in love with a beautiful girl (Catherine Tresa). After few hesitations and resentments, she shows up her feelings and they decide to get married. But then her father becomes the hurdle as he places a tough condition that his son-in-law must be a fearless hero. Will the innocent chap become a super hero to redeem his girl?

There is no proper feature of comedy and the duo Vishnu-Soori fail to make an impressive note

Nothing much bigger to mention about the film’s treatment of narration. It looks like this is a film that doesn’t strain anything much for the film critics. The movie is out and out mindless entertainer, which has humour scattered in places. There is no proper feature of comedy and this duo Vishnu-Soori fail to make an impressive note. The actual humour has its realms only with the presence of Anand Raj. Director Muruganantham could have tried adding more such incidents that would have made Kathanayagan, a full length comedy feature. Catherine Tresa should be offered something more powerful to perform as she has potentials to do it rather than this ridiculous role. Soori tries to evoke laughter, but fails in most of the places. Nothing to criticize on his part for he has done what is given to him. Vijay Sethupathi’s guest appearance is befittingly done by the actor.

Musical score by Sean Roldan can be appreciated. In the recent times, certain music directors have been limiting themselves with respective genres. But Sean Roldan has come out of such paradigms and is balancing between commercial and offbeat themes. He has excelled here with couple of songs ringing in our minds even after the show and his BGM is really good.

On the whole, Kathanayagan isn’t a real big fun film, but it could be making through the results like ‘Saravanan Irukka Bayamaen’, which catered the single screen audiences.