Kaththi Sandai Movie Review

Kaththi Sandai Movie Review

Kaththi Sandai Movie Review

Written & Directed by : Suraj
Producer : S. Nanthagopal
Cast : Vishal, Tamannaah, Jagapati Babu, Vadivelu, Soori
Music : Hiphop Tamizha
Cinematography : Richard M. Nathan
Editor : Selva RK
Production company : Madras Enterprises
Running time : 149 mins

Nothing seems to get you hooked up with interest in ‘Kaththi Sandai’ and throughout the film; you are bounded to go through restless moments. Right from the first minute to the end, that’s with the approximate running length of nearly 2hrs30 minutes, you’re forced to watch a film that rarely has a single engaging scene. Except very few comedy tracks of Soori, nothing really happens to impress you, even the comeback of Vadivelu. It’s a complete disaster, where for nearly 135 minutes you wonder what is really happening in the movie and for the last 15 minutes, you’ll feel the recapped version of Shankar’s Gentleman, Indian, Kaththi and Sivaji – The Boss.

When Vishal succeeds in letting Tamannaah fall in love with him, she waits for her elder brother’s approval – Jagapathi Babu, Deputy Commissioner of Police. After letting Vishal go through the hardest times of torture, he gives a nod for their marriage. But then, it is revealed that Vishal actually entered his home as an undercover CBI officer. But then, how far it is true?

Just when we are expecting the arrival of Vadivelu in the second half, it all turns out to be a disappointment

When the first hour commences, there are few hilarious moments, where we see Soori carry the film on his shoulders with hilarious episodes. But then, there isn’t anything much engrossing other than this factor. Just when we are expecting the arrival of Vadivelu in the second half, it all turns out to be a disappointment, where we need to express our laughter for the sake of supporting his comeback. It takes almost the end of movie to see all that referred movies (Look First Para) packaged as a collage in just 15 minutes. Alas! Even that last minute of Sivaji – The Boss walking through the barren lands transformed into greeneries and buildings has been done with Vishal’s arrival in a much mediocre green matt effect.

While many filmmakers try to improvise their proficiencies in films to come, Suraj disappointingly degrades his skills. From his first series of movies, which were top grosser in commercial and engaging aspects, his recent movies are turning out to be bizarre.

Musical score by HipHop Tamizha is a huge disaster and why this guy keeps repeating the same fangled songs and composing.

When it comes to performance, we get to see Vishal trying to give his best with stunts and dance, but as far as concerned with acting, he is just too casual and we request him to choose up better scripts. Tamannaah looks too awkward with skimpy costumes. We loved for her looks and performance in Baahubali and Devi, but here she is not that beautiful captured through the lens. Jagapathi Babu is okay. Vadivelu is really average, but Soori makes up in few places.

Overall, ‘Kaththi Sandai’ has no elements that would make you feel worthy of buying tickets.