Kayal Movie Review

Cast: Chandran, Anandhi, Vincent, Imman Annachi and more.
Direction : Prabhu Solomon
Music: D. Imman
Editing : Samuel
Production : Escape Artists Motion Pictures

Hero Chandran, the way he emotes in each scenes all make you fell that he is more experienced actor. Undoubtedly Chandra is the best debut of this year. Superb expressions and brilliant acting.

Ananthi as Kayal, she justifies the title role, her face expression are major plus, Ananthi’s eyes speaks. More weightage could have given to her role.

Another character who travels along with the hero is his friend Socrates. He delivers a neat performance. Long way to go. You can see him in more films in near future. Among many small characters the one who stays in mind is the lorry driver, a contrast behaviour from the face.

Backbone of the film is definitely D.Imman’s music, he gives an outstanding album with soulful songs. All the 7 songs are beauty, superb album. ‘Yen Aala’, ‘Yenga Pona..’ songs stays in mind for long, ‘Diyalo..’ song choreography is good. Entire 2nd half of the film is in Imman’s shoulder and he has created magic.

Prabhu Salamon is good in identifying new locations, which we have already witnessed in his previous myna and chum. In Kayal also he never disappoints us. Great locations – Kanyakumari and Ladakh. This is one film where they showed Kanyakumari beautifully. The credits to cinematographer Vetrivel Mahendran. Mesmerizing camerawork.

Finally the captain of the ship is director Prabhu Salomon, like his previous films, here also the story is just one line. A simple love story. First half screenplay is wonderful with nice dialogues. The scene where Aaron proposes Ananthi is classic. Unfortunately the story ends in 1st half itself. While we wonder what’s in 2nd half, the result is songs. Songs have covered the post interval of the movie. More songs than the scenes, around 5 songs are there in the 2nd half. More scenes would have created wonders.

Just for a change, the Climax is a surprise from Prabhu Salomon. It is going to be a welcoming change. Tsunami portions are captured well, good CG work. Overall its a feel good film.