Kidaari Movie Review

Direction & Writer : Prasath Murugesan
Producer : Sasikumar
Cast : M. Sasikumar, Nikhila Vimal, Napoleon, Suja Varunee
Music : Darbuka Siva
Cinematography : S. R. Kathir
Editor : Praveen Antony
Production company : Company Productions
Running Time : 139 mins

Sasikumar’s movies are often labelled with usual pattern that would at least include couple of elements across friendship, loyalty, betrayal, vengeance, etc…. Kidaari doesn’t fall short of these notes, but is packaged with some interesting parts in narration. The story is so simple and is bounded to old patterned style, where we find the protagonist Kidaari (Sasikumar) being the loyal defender of Kombaiya Pandian (Velu Ramamoorthy). Known as a dreaded don of the locality, he is often targeted by many opponents and will Kidaari be able to save his life forms crux of the story. Debut filmmaker Prasath Murugesan has exerted his much strength into the screenwriting and it works out very well in many parts. While violence and action sequences are found in plenty, he has very narrated the romantic episodes involving Sasikumar and Nikila Varma. The narration chronicled with episodes gives an impression of reading a novel and yes, it is really gripping to see the intensity building up gradually. But what becomes a little minus is the screenplay getting sluggish in few places and the violence that might not impress the family audiences.

Over the performance, it’s Sasikumar making a stellar performance from beginning till end. Thanks to his decision of not coming up with any dialogues or messages based on friendship. Yes, there are certain trademark Sasikumar dialogues, but it is so convincing and appreciable too. Nikhila Varma, the girl who played a soft good hearted girl in Sasikumar’s Vetrivel is back to impress with her jovial and enlivened characterization. Others In the cast including Vela Ramamoorthy scores a major attraction out there with naturalistic performance. In spite of minimal prominence, Napoleon, Suja, O.A.K. Sundar and Ramasamy come up with decorous performances.

Musical score by debutant Darbuka Siva is one of the major attractions out here. The song ‘Vandiyile Nellu Varum’ and couple more songs instantly grab our attention with stunning visuals by Kathir escalating the musical values. Barring few sluggish moments and violent action sequences, Kidaari serves up to the decorous level of keeping the audiences engrossed.

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Kidaari – Usual revenge tale with gripping narration and few slow moments, but engaging.

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