Kodiveeran Movie Review

Kodiveeran Movie Review

Kodiveeran Movie Review

Written & Direction M. Muthaiya
Producer M. Sasikumar
Cast M. Sasikumar
Mahima Nambiar
Bala Saravanan
Music N.R.Raghunanthan
Cinematography S.R. Kathir
Editor Venkat Rajan
Production company Company Productions
Running Time
154 mins

Filmmaker Muthaiah has always been carrying a special affinity to nativity based films. In fact, this has been the intriguing attraction of his movies for audiences feel like journey down the village lifestyle through his movie. The beautiful emotions that he conveys with the right package of entertainment elements have been an integral part of his movies as well. Right with the visual promos, we could be very much elated to see that Kodi Veeran is going to be yet another emotional family drama. Let us have a look on how the film works out as expected.

Kodi Veeran speaks about the emotional bonding between three brothers and sisters.

Kodi Veeran speaks about the emotional bonding between three brothers and sisters. One is Sasikumar, who has raised his younger sister (Sanusha) from the time of her birth as their mother hanged herself to death during her birth. Viddarth is a Government officer with his younger brother (Vikram Sukumaran), an uncultured trouble maker and innocent sister (Mahima Nambiar). Then, there is a brutal murderer (Pasupathi), who will do anything for the sake of his younger sister (Poorna). What happens in their lives after coming across each other is the basic plot here.

The background score by NR Raghunanthan deserves special mention

Muthaiah definitely needs decent level of praises for offering a film that gives good importance to family relationships and emotions. As cited earlier, this has been the heart and soul of Muthaiah movies. Over here, the first half travels with lively moments, although, it takes nearly 30 minutes for the establishment of all these characters. Nevertheless, there are decent entertainment elements out there, but as the story travels to the second half, it gets dragging with length. Most of the portions are bounded to vengeance and retaliations, which could have been avoided to a certain extent. The second half gets too predictable as well. When it comes to the technical part, the songs aren’t so much engrossing. But the background score by NR Raghunanthan deserves special mention. Kathir gives his best with the cinematography, especially during the stunt sequences.

On the whole, Kodi Veeran happens to be a decent family drama, but it could have been better if it was narrated with few more interesting sequences in the second half.