Kuttram Kadithal Movie Review

Written : Bramma G
Direction : Bramma G
Production : JSK Film Corporation and Chris Pictures banner
Cast : Master Ajay, Radhika Prasidhha
Music : Shankar Rengarajan
Cinematography : Manikandan
Editing : C S Prem
Certificate : “U”
Release date September 24, 2015
Run Time : 120 mins

A week loaded with emotional dramas interconnected with horror and thriller. Well, couple of other releases like Kirumi and Unakkenna Venum Sollu has been relatively concurrent with the emotions and Kuttram Kadithal is obviously the one among the top. The film has been carrying the greatest sensations from the moment it was been showered up with positive reviews and international acclaims. Finally, the theatrical release of this film happens worldwide today and let us check out what actually remains to be an intriguing element of this film that has been pecking us with high anticipations.

The film has a very simple plot, but the most fascinating screenplay laced with thrill and gripping elements by Bramma G. A teacher leads a happy life with peaceful ambiance. Her life takes a turn when one of her colleagues takes a break for day and she replaces to manage a class. One among the students is a naughty boy who keeps annoying relentlessly and out of control, she hits him and the boy is prone to coma. What unfolds next is told with more than emotions and thrilling manner with lots of nail biting moments.

Kuttram Kadithal refers to one of the chapters from Thiru Kural that emphasizes on negligence and mistakes.

Something beyond brilliance is the word you can acclaim Bramma G for his wonderful conception of a plot that might sound simple if someone narrates you, but the narration that gets it going with magnificence.

On the performance front, it’s child artist Ajay who scores the much splendid brownie points and he keeps us astonished with a realistic performance. Others in the cast like Radhika Prasidhha and Sai Rajkumar are remarkably perfect emoting to the situations.

In the recent times, the background score by many musicians have been witnessing a great change in scenario. Kudos to Shankar Rengarajan for playing the best score avoiding unwanted jarring noises, but making the screenplay more enhanced along with cinematographer Manikandan.

More than all, it’s producer J Satish Kumar and Christy Siluvappan, the producers who deserves the best appreciations for banking their trust on such unconventional tale with good hopes.

Yes, Kuttram Kadithal is a film that deserves tons of appreciations for it stands out to be a pride to Tamil cinema.

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Kuttram Kadithal : Stunningly narrated thriller with surpassing moments

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