Laththi Movie Review

Laththi Movie Review

Laththi Movie Review

Filmmaker A. Vinoth Kumar’s directorial ‘Laththi’ features Vishal in the lead role. The film is produced by Rana Productions and features a musical score by Yuvan Shankar Raja.

The story is about a police constable named Muruganantham (Vishal), who gets trapped in a building with his 10-year-old kid, and how they escape from the building surrounded by a group of the enemy forms the crux of this story.

There is a couple of common elements in most of the films of actor Vishal. One is his utmost dedication, where we can find him exerting his complete energy to give a perfect shape to his roles. And the other one is the choice of scripts, which dampens his efforts. When you’re watching him perform the action sequences in Laththi, there are situations, where we start to sympathize with his unconditional dedication. On the flip side, his arduous efforts go in vain due to the flimsy screenwriting.

Of course, film buffs would instantly spot the similarity between Laththi and the 2011 Indonesian movie ‘The Raid’, but it ends merely with the backdrop of a combat between the hero and myriad miscreants on 30 floors of an apartment block. Well, Laththi tries to take a diversion before getting to this premise, which becomes a major constraint. The sequences involving Vishal and Sunaina contribute in no way to the progression of the screenplay. The actual conflict opens up the post-intermission, and tweaking the film by 30 minutes would have been better. More than all, the screenplay is too weak. The characterization of both the villain characters looks feeble. Actor Vishal keeps repeating the same kind of stories and has to choose unique projects. He belongs to the rare breed of actors, who can shine in both popular and offbeat genres. Hope he bounces back soon and comes up with a commendable league of movies that will complement his efforts as a performer.

Yuvan Shankar Raja’s presence can be felt only in the credits, and his BGM is too average. The cinematography needs appreciation. The entire stunt department needs special mention for the best work.

On the whole, Laththi despite having a stellar performance by Vishal in action sequences fails to grab our attention due to the poor story and screenplay.

Laththi Movie Review
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Verdict: Vishal’s excruciating efforts go in vain due to the weak screenplay.

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