Lkg Movie Review

LKG Movie Review

LKG Movie Review

DirectionK.R Prabhu
WriterK.R Prabhu
ProducerUdhayanidhi Stalin
CastRJ Balaji
Priya Anand
Nanjil Sampath
J. K. Rithesh
MusicLeon James
CinematographyVidhu Ayyanna
Production companyVels Film International
Running Time124 mins
Release Date23rd February 2019

There are few things that actually make a film easily reached towards the masses. One it could be the overpowering screen presence of an actor or the spellbinding technicians. More than all, what’s going to be the ultimate showstopper is the ‘Commendable Writing’. RJ Balaji’s LKG belongs to the latter category, where we are taken back to the Golden days of Tamil cinema, where the audiences aren’t bothered about the other elements, but they need a writing that is strong and at the same time, entertaining. RJ Balaji as an actor and writer has managed to deliver these promises efficiently. The story doesn’t delve into the same zones like Makkal Aatchi, Mudhalvan or Amaithipadai, instead takes a different route, where the main motto is about delivering strong appealing context of the current political scenarios.

When it comes to performances, almost all the actors in the films have managed to steal the show. In fact, RJ Balaji has underplayed a lot, where he is sensible in believing that he must always maintain a low key with his screen presence and give more value to the writing. Priya Anand does a remarkable job with her performance. In fact, she has got a valuable role that many heroines in the recent times have failed to bag. Nanjil Sampath, Ram Kumar and others have done perfect justice to their roles. JK Rithesh looks slightly dullard with his performance though.

The first half proceeds at brisk pace with good momentum and there is lots of enjoyable moment too. Post-Intermission, there are few scenes, where we get to feel the humour vanishing with some conflicts popping. However, sooner we have RJ Balaji back with his satire. The film doesn’t alone take a dig at political turbulence, but offers a message and something to think and react for the audiences while walking back home.