Lover Movie Review

Lover Movie Review

When a concept or idea is strong, it naturally captures the attention of the audience. However, when that same idea is enhanced with well-crafted screenwriting and captivating scenes, it further engages and captivates the masses. Unfortunately, the film ‘Lover’ faces a challenge in that it excels in the initial stages but falls short in the subsequent ones. The story revolves around a couple deeply in love, and it is no easy feat to sustain a 120-minute plus screenplay centered solely around them. This can be seen in other films like Gautham Vasudev Menon’s ‘Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya’ and ‘Neethaane En Ponvasantham’, which also revolve around two characters but yield different outcomes.

So, what sets ‘Lover’ apart? The standout performances by Manikandan and Gouri Priya in their respective roles. They carry the entire film on their shoulders. The filmmaker attempts to create impactful scenes, but unfortunately, they end up becoming repetitive and tedious. Apart from a few notable moments such as the interval, Gouri Priya’s confrontation with Manikandan’s mother, and the climax scene, nothing truly grabs our attention. As the film progresses, the audience becomes fatigued with the repetitive scenes, particularly the protagonist’s possessive moments, which become increasingly irritating.

Love should be a source of healing for each other, and if a character is flawed, there should be a resolution. However, in this film, it simply portrays how a couple becomes deeply intimate, emotionally connected, and bound together for six years, only to abruptly break up and go their separate ways. While this may be intended to convey a message, it ultimately comes across as preachy. Ultimately, breaking up should not be the only solution to resolving issues within a relationship.

We witness the characters indulging in alcohol, smoking joints, and enjoying nightly escapades, but what does this truly convey to the audience? If the filmmaker’s intention is to depict reality, they would be better off creating a documentary on the same topic, which could potentially garner more popularity beyond language and regional boundaries.

Overall, ‘Lover’ has a few commendable scenes, but the majority of the film is simply boring.

Lover Movie Review
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Verdict: Except for a couple of scenes, the film lacks the emotions

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