Maaveeran Movie Review

Maaveeran Movie Review

Maaveeran Movie Review

Actor Sivakarthikeyan’s Maaveeran is a fantasy entertainer, written and directed by Madonne Ashwin, and produced by Shanthi Talkies. Aditi Shankar plays the female lead role and director Mysskin appears as the antagonist. The film features Saritha, Suniel, and Yogi Babu in important roles. Bharath is composing music for this film,

Sivakarthikeyan is an ordinary guy, an aspiring cartoonist, resides with his mother and younger sister across the coovum river. When the dwellers are vacated from the neighborhood and shifted to housing board, they start facing brutal mishaps due to the improper construction. Sivakarthikeyan, who has always ignored the problems keeps working on a cartoon comic titled ‘Maaveeran’, and things get interesting, when a voice (Vijay Sethupathi) starts narrating the forthcoming events in the protagonist’s life.

From Hollywood to the Asian cinemas, Superhero tales have followed a same pattern of an underdog transforming into a superhero with an accident. So is the case of Maaveeran, and the way, director Madonne has written the plot is interesting. Especially, the fans get excited to see the interaction between Sivakarthikeyan and Vijay Sethupathi’s voiceover. The first half is so entertaining as the length doesn’t show up as a constraint. However, the second half turns out to be a predictable one with a stretched out screenplay. If the makers had attempted to tweak the duration by 15-20mins it would have been more engaging.

Sivakarthikeyan has done complete justice to his role. Well, the film doesn’t have more scope for songs, so SK fans might miss a bit of those entertainment element. But he manages to compensate it with fun-filled and serious action sequences. Special mention to the stunt directors and their coordination with director for a well-choreographed action sequence. Bharath Shankar’s music is just fine.

Mysskin looks more humorous than being an antagonist, which dims the intensity of the film. Yogi Babu’s humour works out a lot of magic. We get to see him in a complete package after a long time. Aditi Shankar doesn’t have any scope to perform. Saritha does a remarkable job. Monisha will go places if she is given proper more challenging roles.

Maaveeran starts on a promising note with lots of entertainment in the first half, but the second half becomes a letdown. With few more engrossing scenes and trimming down the length, the film would have been a perfect entertainer.

Maaveeran Movie Review
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Verdict: Passable Entertainer with fabulous first half, and a middling second half

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