Maayon Movie Review

Maayon Movie Review

Maayon Movie Review

Actor Sibiraj, who has been significantly trying to decent heights with the content-driven movie, has got his long-awaited movie ‘Maayon’ hitting screens. The movie is directed by Kishore N and is screen-written by Arunmozhi Manickam, producer of this movie.

The movie revolves around a team of archeologists, headed by an intelligent mind (Sibiraj) to unravel the mystery behind the 5000-yr old ancient temple in Tamil Nadu. While the main motto of this team might look like the unraveling of a hidden mystery, there are a few miscreants too in the crew brimming with only motive to loot the valuable treasures inside the temple.

Well, the story looks interesting while glimpsing through this synopsis. Of course, that’s the beauty of loglines and single-line synopsis, which might interest and capture your attention instantly, but the basic challenge goes with screenwriting, and how well these stories are presented. The treasure-hunt, adventure-action thriller kind of movies bank majorly on the technical department and when it gets ticked in this entire box, half the success is already claimed. Nonetheless, Maayon fails to hit the bull’s eye in this aspect. Almost every technical work looks amateur, especially the art department and cinematography. While Artworks look, amateur, the cinematography fails to get the best output. The movie sparked off an instant attraction when Maestro Ilaiyaraaja got onboard, but his BGM remains just mediocre. The movie starts on an interesting note, but soon after 30 minutes, we start feeling boredom. Even the mystery revealed at the end with the twist doesn’t appeal so intensely to our interests.

As with performance, KS Ravikumar has got a good charisma onscreen, and he would befittingly look perfect in any character role. Significantly, he doesn’t disappoint in this movie as well. Sibiraj, who has been proving to be a content-driven star fails to impress us in this movie. Nothing to blame him, but it is evident that the narration was quite impressive, but the director and technical crew failed to translate them honestly as planned. Tanya Ravichandran has a decent screen presence, but she really needs a breakthrough with some strong characters to go next level.

There are a few interesting moments in the movie, which give a perfect adventure experience, but then, they are found in scarce. If the screenplay was written proficiently, and lots of scrutinizing efforts were taken to give a top-notch technical output, Maayon, would have been one of the best commendable movies of this adventure-Mystery thriller genre in Tamil Cinema.

Maayon Movie Review
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Verdict: Maayon has an interesting story premise but lacks the technical proficiency and engaging screenplay to keep us engaged.

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