Maestro Movie Review

Maestro Movie Review

It’s a huge responsibility to remake one of the best dark comedy crime thriller of Bollywood – “Andhadhun”. Director Merlapaka Gandhi did a decent job of remaking this critically acclaimed thriller and made it a watchable one.

Even though most of us already know the plot and it’s a scene by scene remake too but still We’ll look into the plot. Story is set in Goa and our protganist Arun (Niithin) who’s is a great pianist looking for a new piano and runs into Sophie (Nabha Natesh). Arun starts to play piano in Sophie’s hotel and got noticed by the retired actor Mohan (Naresh) and he invites arun to surprise his wife Simran (Thammanah) for their wedding anniversary. When he visits to Mohan’s house next day, there’s a shocking surprise is waiting for him at the end of the hall. From there the story moves with endless turns of events told in a funniest way that’s possible.

Niithin did a fine job reprising the role of Ayushmann but Thamannah might seem like a misfit for the role of reprising the magestic performance of tabu. But she tried her best to match the role and she dubbed in her own voice too. Rest of the cast supports well too.

Mahati Swara Sagar’s background score does justice to the original. Songs were good too. Yuvaraj’s camera work is another back bone of the film. His visuals made the film to look very rich.

Unlike the Director Merlapaka Gandhi’s previous outing this one is better and didn’t dilute the essence of the original. If you haven’t watched the original, you might end up liking this one.

Maestro Movie Review
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Verdict: A decent remake of critically acclaimed dark comedy thriller “Andhadhun” which might impress the ones who didn’t watch the original.

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