Magamuni Movie Review

Magamuni Movie Review
Magamuni Movie Review
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Magamuni Movie Review

Written bySanthakumar
ProducerK. E. Gnanavel Raja
Indhuja Ravichandran
Mahima Nambiar
MusicS. Thaman
CinematographyArun Bathmanaban
EditorV. J. Sabu Joseph
Production companyStudio Green
Running Time158 mins

Arya’s much awaited film ‘Magamuni’ had many reasons to stick up with high end expectations. One being the comeback of director Shanthakumar, whose directorial debut “Mouna Guru’’ that happened before 8 years is still regarded as one of the most promising films of South industry. It was even remade in Hindi by AR Murugadoss routing more praises upon our filmmaker. The trailers and visual promos indeed assured that there is something special about the movie. Let us have a look on what works out on its best with ‘Magamuni’.

The film revolves around twin brothers Maga & Muni (both played by Arya), who got separated when their widowed mother leaves them desolated. One becomes a criminal plotting murder plans for a politician and another one is leading a hermit life. Things go terribly wrong in their lives and fate brings them face to face, but in a way they would have never expected.

Thaman is the ultimate showstopper here and his BGM is beyond the word ‘Colossal’

Thaman is the ultimate showstopper here and his BGM is beyond the word ‘Colossal’. Even the scenes that are dragging gets more intensity through his music. The obvious next thing that gets noted is cinematography. Both these technicians have carried the entire film on their shoulders. More than saying that Arya has performed well, Shanthakumar has projected him in a good manner. Limiting his dialogues and giving him a proper slang makes him look more perfect. Induja and Mahima Nambiar are remarkably good. The other characters have been very well delineated.

On the flip side, the film looks little lengthy with its duration and at least a trimmed version of 20-25 minutes deleted would have made it more crisp. As on whole, Magamuni has some laudable ingredients, which includes powerful dialogues, cinematography and BGM, which creates a different experience for the audiences.

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Magamuni Movie Review
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Verdict: Masterpiece redefined

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