Maragadha Naanayam Movie Review

Maragadha Naanayam Movie Review

Writer & Director : ARK Saravan
Producer :
G. Dillibabu
Cast :
Aadhi, Nikki Galrani
Music :
Dhibu Ninan Thomas
Cinematography :
PV Shankar
Editor :
Prasanna GK
Production company :
Axess Film Factory

How do we judge a film? Is it by the way it does justice to the genre and basic theme with a neat treatment? By these criteria, we can claim Maragadha Naanayam to be a decent attempt, where there are no exaggerations in the script, but it travels the way it has to be done usually for such a film. The film has a simple plot, engaging narration in many places and neat performances…

The film is about couple of friends (Aadhi and Daniel Anne Pope), who work under Munishkanth in smuggling precious stones. Feeling uncomfortable over the petty business and with the urge to overcome the inevitable financial crisis, Aadhi decides to make a big turn of fortune. That’s when a big offer comes down the line to hunt for a valuable ‘Maragadha Naanayam’, which is worth billions. But the journey of claiming the treasure isn’t easy for Aadhi and his friend for it has a strict condition – To seek the help of ghost. Will they able to make through these hurdles? What turns the situations more complicated is that a terrible hidden mystery for centuries lies beneath Maragadha Naanayam.

When most of the upcoming actors look up for massive scripts, it’s really wondering to see Aadhi take up a script that hardly has anything to perform. If you’re observing keenly, there are many sequences where he remains silent and the supporting actors have more to score. But it’s really unique to see an actor refraining himself and giving others to gain attention. Nikki Galrani has improvised a lot with her performance. Moreover there is a surprise element involved in her characterization, which you’ve got to experience in the theatres. The modifications in her performance by first few minutes to the rest of the film are really commendable. Munishkanth keeps tickling our funny bones with his continuous hilarious episodes, especially the combination sequences with Nikki Galrani and Arunraja Kamaraj is really laughter worthy.

On the flip side, there is nothing to mention, except the dragging first half that nearly takes an intermission point to touch the basic plot.

One more highlighting trait about the film is there are no songs, which is a real big plus. Even cinematography and editing has been done with perfection.

Overall, Maragadha Naanayam as mentioned above has the qualities of being a decent family entertainer and will get what it deserves from this group on positive note. Had the film been released by last month for summer holidays, it would have witnessed much more positive results.

Maragadha Naanayam Movie Review
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Maragadha Naanayam : Decorous Entertainer for family audiences

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