Maryan Movie Review

Cast – Dhanush , Parvathi Menon , Salim Kumar , Appukutty , Jagan , Uma Riyaz Khan
Music – AR Rahman
Cinematographer – Marc Koninckx
Editing – Vivek Harshan
Story , Screenplay , Direction – Bharat Bala

Story/Plot :

Maryan (Dhanush) is an Underwater Fisherman who works for excitement about the sea in Kanyakumari. First half begins with the flashback portraying the love between the Panimalar (Parvati Menon) and Dhanush. Dhanush who is a fisherman have lived the life of a real fisherman and brought out everything about them. How far Panimalar love towards Maryan has made impact was the story behind Maryan.

Character/Acting :

Dhanush as Maryan – He performed up to audience expectation, To the extent our Brutal Maryan has gone to express his love towards Panimalar is outstanding. Maryan proves Dhanush is one of the finest actor this KTown has got. His Performance, Dialogue delivery, expressions are excellent. Another National Award is on the way to Dhanush.

Parvathi Menon as Panimalar – She done a very important key role in this movie. Her emotional role towards expressing the love towards Maryan has portraiyed well.

Salim Kumar , Appukutty , Jagan , Uma Riyaz Khan – Did Their “Small” space well with their performance.

Technical Aspects :

Music by AR.Rahman – Brand Musician, songs are good. Worked well with stunning visuals and his musical has been well utilized by the Bharat Bala.

Cinematography by Marc Koninckx – He has made the movie live with his different color tones depending on the situation in each and every frame. Best Cinematography, Stunning & catchy visuals leads to the biggest positive asset of Maryan

Editing byVivek Harshan – Slick editing has made us feel what Bharat Bala portrays about the Maryan.


Bharat Bala should be bold enough to choose a choose script like Maryan. Bharat Bala worked his best for ‘Maryan’  He has brought out the complete talent within Maryan and Panimalar and made the movie very realistic. Slow pace in the first half leads to viewers get into the real feeling of what he has in stores for us.

Overall Effectiveness Of The Film: 

Maryan is pure class film to appeal International audience & awards. Go Without Expectation & Watch (Support Good Indian Cinema).