Masala Padam Movie Review

Masala Padam Movie Review

Story, Screenplay, Direction : Laxman Kumar
Producer : Vijayaraghavendra | Laxman Kumar
Cast : Shiva | Bobby Simha | Gaurav | Lakshmi Devy
Music : Karthik Acharya
Cinematography : Laxman Kumar
Editing : Richard Kevin
Production company : Allin Pictures
Run Time : 110 mins

The monstrous numbers of bloggers keep running into long queues and infinite memes have instantly become an intriguing element in deciding a film’s fate in the industry. The arrival of this new trend has sometimes caused havoc in the results of this movie. Well, technology cannot be prohibited and so are the bloggers who despites being classified as amateur still continue to expand their realms. Well, this might become an essay and Masala Padam isn’t completely about this concept, though the promotions were based on this criteria.

It opens with a bunch of bloggers being challenged by a reigning producer to write a script for commercial cinema. They have been offenders of such films and now they want to prove they can fix the deal easily and start up their mission. In very next few seconds with a transition note – After few months, they apologise for making such blatant blunders to the producer. The latter asks them to explain what happened and they reveal the flashback of following three youngsters from different sections of society (played by Mirchi Shiva – a middle class family person, Bobby Simha plays a don and Gaurav as a rich handsome guy). When they get to see these characters, they want some interesting moments in their script and obviously plan up to make a beautiful girl (Lakshmi Devy) to encounter them.

When you hear the script or just an outline from someone who have watched it, this would really impress you and yes, the film holds an idea that has apparently never seen before in many movies. But significantly with accordance to the screenplay, we easily get reminded off last year hit flicks like Kathai Thirakathai Vasanam Iyakkam and Jigarthanda. In fact, the challenge between producer and youngsters is somewhat identical with the latter movie that involves the characterisation of Bobby Simha in relevant to Assault Sethu.

Mirchi Shiva gets back to his usual style of letting us experience the best entertainment with his humorous quotients. Bobby Simha reminds as cited above of his characterisation in Jigarthanda and Gaurav with his small portions gets some importance. Lakshmi Devy is appreciable with her portions. Others in the cast too have done their parts best.

Technically, the film hasn’t got much to be explored in analysis, but is middling. If the writers had made the script more engaging avoiding some sluggish moments and constantly sticking to the main theme, it would have been better. Having promoted the film that it’s about the conflicts between a producer and online bloggers, the film hardly travels on this concept, say for some 30 minutes and rest involving the girl’s episodes with three youngsters look like a different story.

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Verdict: Commendable attempt with new idea

User Rating 3 (1 vote)