Masss Movie Review

Story & Direction : Venkat Prabhu
Produced by : K. E. Gnanavel Raja
Screenplay : Venkat Prabhu
Cast : Suriya, Nayantara, Pranitha Subhash, Parthiban, Samuthirakani, Premgi Amaren, Karunas and more
Music : Yuvan Shankar Raja
Cinematography : R. D. Rajasekhar
Editing : Praveen K. L.
Production company : Aadnah Arts

Suriya as a conman, who gets the ability to see the ghosts after a car accident. Films shows how he meet different ghosts and helps them to fulfill their last wish. Interestingly he met another suriya who is a ghost, how they both are related to each other and what revenge they will take is the movie.

Surya as Mass alias Maasilamani and Shakti. As Mass, he introduces a new style to our youth. Wearing a safety pin as ear stud. As a Massilamani, he speaks local Tamil. As Shakti he speaks Ceylon Tamil. In both the role Surya scores, he delivers a neat performance. Superb body language and dialogue delivery.

Nayantara and Praneetha as heroines. Nayantara hardly comes for 5 scenes throughout the movie. Praneetha looks beautiful. Though both the heroines doesn’t have much scope, they did their part well. Vidyulekha Raman as Nayan’s friend is cool. Scenes involving Surya with Nayan and Pranitha are worth to watch.

Premji as usual hero’s friend. He gets a little different role when comparing to his previous films. His one liners fail to evoke laughter. Prathiban as a cool cop, his witty dialogues will get applause, especially ‘Enna Pudungina..’ and ‘Ivarum Hero..’. Samuthirakani as main villain, not a powerful role but a settled characterization.

Other characters are Karunas, Sreeman, Brahmanandham, Danniel Anne Pop, Sanjai Bharathy, Riaz Khan etc. The one who gets applause is Jai. His guest appearance in ‘Piravi..’ song and they way it has connected to ‘Engeyum Eppothum’ movie is wonderful. Vaibhav and Vijay Vasanth also have done a guest appearance.

Music by Yuvan Shankar Raja. Awesome re-recording, apt for this film. Con man theme music brings goosebumps. First half has two songs, Surya’s intro number ‘Mass..’ and MJ tribute ‘Poochandi..’ song, choreography is good. Second half has two soulful songs – ‘Naan aval illai….’ and ‘Piravi’….. Both songs picturization is too good. Yuvan is a big plus for the movie.

Camera by R.D.Rajasekhar, He has a done good work. Usually in VP’s film Shakthi Saravanan will be the camera man. Editing by Praveen K L looks clumsy. There were continuity miss in the movie. Felt like something is missing. Dance choreography is nice in all the songs. Major portion of the film was shot in ECR. A song in Bulgaria.

Captain of the ship Venkat Prabhu, the man who gives us films with different genre. He tries another new genre in this film touted to be a spooky one. The story was good but screenplay could have been more interesting. Venkat Prabhu touch is missing. More of commercial elements and less fun moments. Few dialogues are good.

First half of the film has nothing special to mention except few fun sequence, followed by a good second half with some content. Fights are unnecessary. Few major highlights of the movie are Yuvan’s music, Parthian’s witty one liners, Surya’s performance, Jai’s guest appearance, end card credits and Piravi song.

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Masssu – A spooky entertainer

User Rating 3.4 (5 votes)