Maya Music Review

Quite an unconventional album in the pages of Tamil cinema! Of course, there horror spaced genres that includes ‘Pizza’, ‘Pizza II Villa’ and few more had the songs in albums, which rarely appeared during the films or somewhere as the background theme. Apparently, Maya scored by Ron Yohann seemingly belongs to the same zone. Touted to be a supernatural fantasy thriller, the film is produced by Potential Studios and is directed by Ashwin with Nayantara and Aari playing the lead roles.

Aayiram Aayiram
Singer – Chinmayi
Lyrics – Kutti Revathi

Chinmayi is far-famed for possessing a soulful voice that can easily commute us to the transfixed zone. Apparently, this song brings an impactful soulful attempt much relevant to the film’s theme, but her vocalism stands without a strong clarity due to heavy pumping beats and instruments. Well, it looks like it would take some time to brew up and capture us over the screens with visuals.
Always a woman

It sounds like a signature theme that has some spooky elements with the forte pianos and strings that come as amalgamations. Ron Yohann has worked a lot emphasising the ambience that the visuals demand and it would surely have a great impact on the screens. The chorus part blended with violin and Cello are the icing of this cake.

Hope & Despair

While the previous track was slowly mesmerising, this one is extremely fast-paced with lots of instrumental feast happening adherent to the theme’s title ‘Hope & Despair’. It speaks about the long search is almost done and things are moving towards the brighter side or dawn perhaps, but with some hurdles hassling by. The string sessions are commendably delivered with the pianos used as fill-ins in few parts.

Naane Varuven
Singer: Swetha Mohan
Lyrics: Uma Devi

Beautiful lullaby like melody that has some cheerful composition in the backdrops and the vocalism by Swetha Mohan is colossal. But somewhere again, the lullaby gets into the illusionary zone. The lyrical lines by Uma Devi are poignantly elegant.

Thoonga Kangal
Singer: Shakthisree Gopalan
Lyrics: Kutty Revathi

Much alike the previous numbers, even this one sticks to the same soulful zone that is emotionally connecting with the instrumentals. But with the intonating style of Shakthisree Gopalan much as others in the album gets overshadowed by the instrumentals on the accompaniment. Well, we mean to say that the instruments are melodic and soft, but the voice is blended so much that we have to listen the song over and again to grasp the meaning.

Darkest Hour

Finally, the absolute theme music that defines what Maya is all about. Nothing specifically unusual, but it could gain some enormousness with visuals.

Overall, Maya belongs to a genre of rare collection that involves lots of music emphasising on soul and it would surely gain the right impact with visuals just as we have cited in most of the songs above.