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Meow Movie Review

Meow Movie Review

Writer & Director : Chinaas Palanisamy
Production : Vincent Adaikalraj
Cast : King Raja, Urmila Gayathri,
Music : Sreejith Edavano
Cinematography : Bhojan K Dinesh
Editor : Satish Surya
Running time : 105 Minutes

Chinnas Palanswamy makes his debut with the movie ‘Meow’ in which a cat play the central character. This is the first ever Indian movie to feature a ‘Garfield’ like Cat in lead role processed through CG experts. Four youngsters – Raja, Sanjay Mickey, Haden, and Kumar reside in an apartment building in Coimbatore. As they belong to the affluent class, they spend their time with fun and frolic, eve-teasing, and drinking binges every day.

One day, they make fun of one of the residents in the apartment building, Urmila Gayathri. Gayathri slaps one of the friends for their misbehavior. So, the friends decide to take revenge on Gayathri. In this scenario, one of the friends gets killed by the acts of a cat living in the apartments. The remaining friends assume that only Urmila is responsible for the murder. When the enquiry goes on about the murder, another friend gets murdered by the same cat.

this movie presents a cat being the horror incidents

What happens to the remaining friends? Why does the cat murder? What is the background? Meow proceeds to answer these questions. When the general trend is to show ghosts or souls or other evil spirits are shown as taking revenge of the evil perpetrators, this movie presents a cat being the horror incidents. This is somewhat a different trend. However, the rest of it is not new!

Meow Movie Review
Meow Movie Review

But one thing worth mentioning is that the graphics related to the cat and the efforts to contain the spirit which ash entered the cat and the climax scene are thrillingly presented. The is makes the movie worth a watch. The weak point in the screenplay is the depiction of the 4 friends always indulging in drinking, revealing and pursuing the women throughout the movie and also the compulsory insertion of some glamour-oriented scenes unrelated to the flow.

Meow has to be counted one more among the lots of movies released!

Couple of songs is worth listening from the music by Sreejith Edavano. However, he has missed giving the proper music background required for a thriller movie. The cinematography by Bijan K Dinesh is OK. However, Meow has to be counted one more among the lots of movies released!

All the characters in the movie, acted by all newcomers in the roles of Raja, Sanjay Mickey, Haden, Kumar, the model Urmila Gayathri, and Shiny who appears in the flashback scene winning audience sympathy have all performed reasonably well. Daniel, who performs the comedian role as WhatsApp Mani is OK though the laughs do not come! Other actors such as Police Officers (Anand Naga), Telephone Raj, and the child actress Yuvina who treats the cat as her pet have ll performed well.