Mission 1 Movie Review

Mission Chapter 1 Movie Review

Director Vijay’s ‘Mission Chapter 1’ showcases a talented cast including Arun Vijay, Amy Jackson, Nimisha Sajayan, and Iyal in the lead roles. The film revolves around the protagonist, Arun Vijay, who travels to London to ensure his daughter, Iyal, receives the necessary surgery. However, his trip takes an unexpected turn when a group of thugs steals his wallet, leading him to confront them. Unfortunately, in the process, he accidentally knocks down a police officer and finds himself arrested. The Jail Superintendent, played by Amy Jackson, decides to keep him in custody. Chaos ensues when the prison’s security system is hacked, allowing terrorists and other criminals to plan their escape. Will the protagonist be able to thwart their plans? Will he be reunited with his daughter and successfully complete her surgery? These questions form the crux of the story.

Director Vijay is known for his commendable filmmaking, and he attempts to deliver the same in this film. However, the story itself has some shortcomings. The plot is rather ordinary and predictable. It seems that the team relied on action sequences to compensate for any shortcomings in the story, aiming to satisfy the fans. Throughout the film, the villain is seen facing the camera and engaging in constant dialogue, with his only action sequence being quite dull. Amy Jackson’s character, on the other hand, primarily delivers dialogues throughout the film. However, she manages to impress the audience in one particular scene, earning applause from the fans. One of the highlights of the film is the Chilli powder scene, which stands out as one of the best moments.

The father-daughter bond between Arun Vijay and Iyal is portrayed well. Arun Vijay, as always, captivates the audience with his muscular presence and delivers both action-packed and emotionally charged performances. However, the ordinary story and screenplay fail to fully support his talent. From a technical standpoint, the background music and cinematography steal the show, especially during the action sequences.

Overall, while the story may be predictable, the film manages to keep the audience engaged with its thrilling action sequences..

Verdict: Arun Vijay’s commendable performance along with emotional and action-packed plot is appreciable

Rating: 2.75/5

Mission Chapter 1 Movie Review
  • Mission Chapter 1 Movie Review


Arun Vijay’s commendable performance along with emotional and action-packed plot is appreciable

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