Moodar Koodam Movie Review

Cast - Naveen, Sentrayan, Rajaj, Kuberan, Oviya, Jayaprakash, Sindhu Reddy, Anupama Kumar
Music - Natarajan Sankaran
Cinematographer - Tony Chan
Editing - Athiyappan Siva
Story , Screenplay , Direction - Naveen

Story/Plot :

Following Soodhu Kavvum and Neram now joins this movie in the dark comedy genre. This story revolves around four youth who get to meet at a police station. After self-introducing themselves, the four devise a plan to rob one of their relatives and what ensues forms the rest of the story.

Character/Acting :

Naveen as Naveen – He has done the work professionally as debut lead actor & debut director. Naveen leads the show from the front with his sharp dialogue delivery and screen presence.

Sentrayan as Sentrayan - His character in the film is the best example for comic role sense, his timing reactions & dialogues will surely make you laugh out.

Rajaj as Vellaisami - He has performed his character well but he missed the pot of acting, anyhow other characters saved the film.

Kuberan as Kuberan - Decent job from kuberan, his character reminds us “Guy Ritchie” film comic characters.

Oviya – She doesn’t have things to bring out her performance oriented role in this flick. But still she done her job smoothly.

Jayaprakash as Bhaktavatsalan - He played a very sensitive & serious role, but he delivered it with his funny expressions and dialogues pretty good.

Sindhu Reddy as Farzana - She has done a cameo role for “Kannodu Kangal” song sung by srinivas. But her 5 mins role worked very good.

Anupama Kumar - she equally performed good, different character with funny dialogues worked well.

Technical Aspects :

Music by Natarajan Sankaran – He exites you with his unusual songs and has done a very good experimental musical in this flick.

Cinematography by Tony Chan – He has captured the new age Tamil cinema in celluloid and bring out with his sharp camera angles.

Editing by Athiyappan Siva – Flawless editing and makes you engaging till the end.


Naveen, who was formerly an assistant to director Pandiraj has a technical geek within. He worked in every scene and characters brilliantly.

Overall Effectiveness Of The Film: 

Moodar Koodam is definitely one of the better Tamil films of this year and it deserves to be watched even though it tests your patience towards the end.

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