Muddy Movie Review

Muddy Movie Review

Muddy Movie Review

As the title ‘Muddy’ suggests, the entire movie is set around the premise of the Off-road Jeep race. In other words, this is the first-ever Indian movie to be made based on the Mud Jeep Race. Written and directed by Dr. Pragabhal, the film is released in 6 languages including Tamil.

So, what’s the story all about?

The story revolves around two brothers like Yuvan Krishna and his younger brother Karthi (Ridhaan Krishna), who parted ways due to some family issues in childhood. Years later, he comes back to the native for the Mud Jeep Race. During this juncture, Tony (Ajith Koshy) comes to the same place to seek revenge with Karthi for an old dispute in the college. What unfolds next is a series of combats and a big Jeep Race that both sides want to win and prove their domination.

Before getting into the analysis, the entire team deserves a special mention for their earnest efforts in crafting and creating a first-of-its-kind showpiece in the Indian film industry. Every single frame involving the Jeep race displays the efforts exerted by both the artistes and technicians. The film opens on a regular note, but the intensity is retained throughout the film for the strong characterizations. The cinematography that majorly comprises a sort of Sepia tone gives a rustic impact. Maybe, the makers didn’t want to shoot the film in a normal tone, which would have displayed the prosperous green-capped mountains and forests (Could have been a decision to avoid being labeled as a movie of Malayalam nativity). Ravi Basrur’s musical score keeps elevating many scenes. The entire cinematography team deserves great appreciation. Furthermore, the climax Jeep race sequence is massively shot, and it is sure to win the admiration of audiences.

In spite of so many positives, the film slightly looks like an alien due to the star-cast, who carries the native authentic looks of Kerala. Of course, the actors have tried uttering Tamil dialogues in a few places, which is good.

As on whole, Muddy exhibits the excellent effort of director Pragabhal, lead actors performing race without dupes, and the technical team.

Muddy Movie Review
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Verdict: Custom-made feast for the lovers of the action-adventure genre. The final 25 minutes is too good.

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