Mudhal Nee Mudivum Nee Movie Review

Mudhal Nee Mudivum Nee Movie Review

Mudhal Nee Mudivum Nee Movie Review

Music director Darbuka Siva embarks on his directorial venture with ‘Mudhal Nee Mudivum Nee’ that has the title inspired from his composing ‘Maruvaarthai Pesaadhey’ (Enai Noki Paayum Thota). The film traverses through the life of High school kids of 90s, who are going through adolescent phase during their schooling days.

The bunch of students is all set to complete their high school and some of them have already experienced the first love. But something goes wrong during the farewell party that leaves them so much devastated. Unexpected proposals, breakups, clashes and disappointments occur during this moment, but all is followed by a twist when an uncalled-for fantasy element arrives.

Mudhal Nee Mudivum Nee can be easily related with fantasy based love stories like Oh My Kadavule, but then, it actually eclipses this concept, and lets us emotionally glued to it. Kudos to director Darbuka Siva; He doesn’t stress more on this aspect, but takes the decent feel-good emotional route. The first half goes on with breeziness and swifts without any dragging or sluggish moments. Post-intermission, the reunion party looks little stretched out. If the director had tried tweaking these portions, it would have been yet more engrossing. However, it doesn’t play such a huge havoc in hampering the progression.

The performances of actors are so real, and everyone has exhibited their acting nuances with excellence. In particular, the lead pair Kishen Das as Vinoth and Meetha as Rekha has embellished this love story. First Love is always associated with purity and innocence, which has to be exhibited through the performers decorously. This pair stands out to be an enchanting one, and they have made the tale look beautiful.

Darbuka Siva’s musical and cinematography Sreejith’s visuals work the best results. The film isn’t just a feel-good love story alone, but it preaches that ‘First Love’ is a bliss and endowment to every mankind.

Mudhal Nee Mudivum Nee Movie Review
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Verdict: A breezy feel-good love story that encompasses beautiful characterizations and neat performances

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