Naachiyar Movie Review

Naachiyar Movie Review
Naachiyar Movie Review
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Naachiyar Movie Review

G. V. Prakash Kumar
EditorSathish Suriya
Production companyB Studios
EON Studios
Running Time100 mins
Release Date16th Feb 2018


Pathos, unconventional heroisms, unbearable emotions and blunt antagonistic roles, hilarious moments and of course a tragic way to wind up the story! Bala movies have always owned such inevitable factors. These elements though appraised with good appreciations by the certain cohorts, it happened to witness the brickbats too. But Bala seems to have diluted such quotients in Nachiyaar, where everything seems to be kept in control. One precise exemplification would be the characterizations. There would be either too good or too bad characters in his erstwhile movies. Over here, we get to see each role being engraved with mixed shades. We see Rockline Venkatesh as a man of positive shades, but eventually on some occasions to compromise the situation in the name of practicality showcases a different side. Same thing happens with Jyotika too, where she mercilessly trashes down the doubted culprits, but later doesn’t even feel the guilty for such brutal acts.

G.V Prakash and Evana are best picks to be portrayed as teenagers. Especially, the girl has offered a best spell with a realistic approach to her role. By the initial moments of this film, we get to wonder what actually Jyotika is doing here. But by the second hour, she manages to make an astounding act. The climax portion outside the prison, where she interacts with GV Prakash is simply the best one.

Analyzing the musical score of Ilayaraja would take zillion hours. But to keep it in incisive style, it’s better to say that he has made use of the opportunities, where he can score the BGM. He doesn’t exaggerate by bringing in the orchestral score everywhere and most of the portions, it’s silent with just ambience sound nurturing the sequences. But it still keeps us wondering on why he is so much obsessed with taking down religions. It is more than enough if it’s done with partialness, but anyways, it’s his directorial cut.

With a running length of just 100 minutes approximately, the film’s theme looks appropriate as a short film material. Nevertheless, Bala realizing the need that his raw and rustic treatment would satisfy his miniscule followers has landed up with commercial elements.

Naachiyar Movie Review
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Verdict: A directionless first half that gets into core of premise by second hour with commendable climax.

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