Naan Mirugamaai Maara Movie Review

Naan Mirugamaai Maara Movie Review

Naan Mirugamaai Maara Movie Review

Actor Sasikumar and filmmaker Sathya Siva of Kazhugu fame have teamed up for ‘Naan Mirugamaai Maara’. The film features Vikranth as the villain and Hari Priya in the female lead role. The movie is an action-thriller laced with unlimited bloodsheds and violence.

When his younger brother is brutally massacred by deadly gangsters during his attempt to their targeted victim (Madhusudhanan Rao), his elder brother (Sasikumar) sets out to seek revenge with relentless murders, only to find out that the gang’s leader is more venomous than he imagined.

Sasikumar has become synonymous with his village based roles and commercial entertainers, which often make him, look like an alien in city based scripts. In this movie, which is completely set against the urban backdrops, he tries to give his best.

Getting on with the pros of this film on first note, the script work by Satya Siva deserves appreciation. The film with the running length of approximately 2hrs keeps us engaged. In few sequences, he attempts to give a unique stroke to exhibit his screenwriting prowess. This includes the introduction of the villain characters all pointing towards the same scene, finally ending with Vikranth’s introduction. While the first half is laced with thrilling moments, the second half endorses the emotions through the perspective of family members. Satya Siva has clearly balanced the gory violence with the family sentiments. His ability to keep delaying the hero-villain face-off till the right moment is biggest plus, or else, it would have become a stereotypical commercial flick.

As with performance, Sasikumar tries to give 100% dedication into the role, but in few places, he looks devoid of emotions. This is an emotional play, and we need to see the facial expressions displaying those moments, but then, he tries to stick with Subramaniapuram shades. Vikranth doesn’t have anything to perform, and he is more like an extended cameo. Except for the phone calls, he has nothing to deliver as a villain. The others have done what is required for the role.

Ghibran’s BGM adds extra value to the film. Cinematography in action sequences are good, but some of the aerial shots look unwanted. Editing is okay. Action choreography is one of the major elements of attraction.

On the whole, Satya Siva has penned a gripping story that keeps us engaged. This might not be a cherry-pick for family audiences although there are sentiments, and it could be a takeaway for gory violent action film lovers.

Naan Mirugamaai Maara Movie Review
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Verdict: Crisp writing keeps up the same engagement levels retained throughout the show.

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