Naan Sirithaal Movie Review

Naan Sirithaal Movie Review
Naan Sirithaal Movie Review

Naan Sirithaal Movie Review

Written byRaana
ProducerSundar C.
CastHiphop Tamizha Aadhi
Iswarya Menon
K. S. Ravikumar
MusicHiphop Tamizha
EditorSreejith Sarang
Production companyAvni Movies
Running Time138 mins

Hiphop Aadhi’s previous films Meesaya Murukku and Natpe Thunai managed to make a decent run yielding big profits for everyone involved in the trade. Especially for Sundar C, who is very well versed with the current trends managed to make a good profit producing these movies. However, it looks like being too confident and playing a smart trick understand the crowds that arrive for opening weekend shows of Hiphop Aadhi has chiseled us terribly this time.

The film’s protagonist (Hiphop Aadhi) has a serious issue of barking into huge laughter whenever emotionally stressed. This leads him through worst experiences, especially when coming eye to eye with the city’s most dreaded don (KS Ravikumar).

In a genuine sense, the film doesn’t have a single scene to laugh. From beginning till end, it’s just the hero who keeps laughing and we need to pretend as if we are enjoying the show. After a certain extent, say by the point of intermission, you’ll be self-urged to walk out. Such happens to be the disgusting experience with this film. It looks like Sundar C and Hiphop Aadhi along with director Raana had hatched a smart plan that having couple of liners about middle-class boys and love failure will bring in teenage crowds to theatre, which is evident throughout the show. However, none of them are convincing delivered. Even the songs are major disappointments and the second half gets literally disappointing, where your patience is tested to the core.

On the whole, Naan Sirithaal as the title suggests, it’s just the hero who keeps laughing and there’s nowhere the audiences get chance to really enjoy and laugh out loud.

Naan Sirithaal Movie Review
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Verdict: Naan Sirithaal – The Laughter exists only in the title and nowhere in the film.

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