Naan Than Bala Movie Review

Cast – Vivek , Venkatraj , Swetha , Mayilsamy , Cell Murugan
Music – Venkat Krishi
Cinematographer – Azhagiya Manalavan
Editing – V.Vijay
Direction – Kannan
Run Time – 02:26:00
Release Date – June 13th 2014

Story/Plot :

The story begins in Kanchipuram where Poochi (Venkatraj) is an obedient paid killer who accomplishes local don Kattoran (Kai Thennavan). To kill a businessman Poochi travels to Kumbakonam and meets Bala (Vivekh) who serves a priest in Perumal temple. Poochi supports Bala to release his father who was arrested and in need of money becomes friends.

Bala loses his parents as they commit suicide unbearable of the insult. Hence, Bala goes Kanchipuram to meet Poochi unknowing that he serves a local don. Meanwhile Bala falls for Vaishali who is a lower middle class girl and expresses her love to Bala. Here comes the actual twist as Bala comes to know about the murder committed by Poochi and requests Poochi to become approver.

Will Bala Marry Vaishali? Poochi becomes Approver? These questions will be answered on big screen.

Character/Acting :

Vivek as Bala – Vivek deserves a wide round of applause for his acting and dialogue delivery. The comedian turned actor is perfect in all the emotional scenes too and made the viewers to wipe their tears filled with happiness.

Swetha – Swetha is like a next door girl with unique performance.

Venkatraj J as Poochi – Poor performance its not t.v serial to stand like an normal artist this is big screen cinema man.

Mayilsamy & Cell Murugan – Decent performances respectively.

Technical Aspects :

Music by Venkat Krishi – Songs are awesome, Music lovers are awestruck at “hiruvai” and “Amma Romba” tunes.

Cinematography by Azhagiya Manalavan – Worst of worst cinematography looks like television serial.

Editing by V.Vijay – Decent Debut.


Direction by “Kannan”, as a debutant director he portrayed the flick in such a decent way that needs accolades.

Overall Effectiveness Of The Film: 

– This Film deserves special mention for attempting to do something many films and actors would not even imagine of doing in the first place. It treats a story with utmost sincerity, but struggles due to sluggish narrative and mediocre performances. It needed stronger cast to hold the film together and although Vivekh does all that he could in his power to shoulder the movie, it doesn?t work in his favour. It’s tough to say if the film will be received by audiences with a warm smile.

All those who appreciate content-driven films may appreciate the effort by the team to give us a film that not only entertains but also inspires at regular intervals. Kudos to Vivek for being creative and embracing a role with such dedication we hardly in most actors.

Plus – Songs, Vivek’s Best Performance, Concept

Minus – Screenplay, Cinematography, Mediocre Performance From “Venkatraj (Poochi)”

– “Watch It For Vivek Performance & Awesome Songs”

Our rating ––>  2.75/5

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