Namadhu Movie Review

Direction & Writer : Chandra Sekhar Yeleti
Producer : Sai Korrapati, Rajani Korrapati
Cast : Mohanlal, Gautami, Viswant Duddumpudi, Raina Rao
Music : Mahesh Shankar
Cinematography : Rahul Shrivatsav
Editor : G. V. Chandra Sekhar
Production company : Varahi Chalana Chitram
Running Time : 164 mins

The plot is about the life happenings of four individuals of different age groups who are not connected with each other. The main four characters are – A man who works as Assistant Manager in supermarket, a normal housewife, an engineering college student and a school girl. How the lives of these four characters change in a matter of a few days with an interesting incident forms the crux of the story.

‘The Complete actor’ Mohanlal has excelled in the middle class man role. Its a tailor made character for him. He scores completely with his natural performance throughout the film. Gautami didn’t get a meaty role, resembles the one she did in ‘Papanasam’. Not so depth in her characterization. Interesting fact is, Mohanlal and Gautami have teamed up after a gap of 18 years in this film.

Urvashi, who accompanies Gautami in the movie has done a brilliant job, her witty dialogues bring laugh. Debutante Raina Rao as an endearing school kid walks away with applause. Viswant Duddumpudi and Anisha Ambrose pair looks good, but their portion is the weakest one in the film. Guest role by Nasser fails to stay in mind, same applies for Vennela Kishore.

Music is composed by Mahesh Shankar. Songs and background music is pretty average. All the songs have high telugu flavor which makes us refuse to connect with those. Good thing is that there is no separate duet track in the movie.Cinematography work is not upto the mark. Rahul Shrivatsav has kept the camera work simple and there are no special frames and angles.

G.V.Chandra Sekhar’s editing could have been better. A crisp running time of 120 minutes or less would be perfect.But here we have 145 minutes. However the cuts are neat and slick. It is originally a Telugu film, dubbed in Malayalam and Tamil.Even though the dubbing of lead actor is perfect, it is a total disappointment in the case of supporting cast. Due to this factor, the emotions fail to connect with the audience.

Film is directed by Chandra Shekhar Yeleti. Screenplay is pretty slow throughout the film. The way the suspense is maintained and how all the story lines come together at the end was a good thought.The main problem of the movie begins after the characterizations are established. It goes on and on and it becomes too late by the time Yeleti packs a punch in his own way. The conflict comes too late in the film and that too predictable. At the end, you still feel few more ends need to to tied. Watchable film for its genuine narration and performance.

Namadhu Movie Review
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Namathu – A slow paced heart touching anthology tale.

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