Nenjil Thunivirundhal Music Review

Nenjil Thunivirundhal Music Review

Nenjil Thunivirundhal Music Review

Suseenthiran and D Imman have proved to be successful combinations in Tamil film industry. Spinning the streak of success in four albums, they are back now with Nenjil Thunivirundhal. Sundeep Kishan, Mehreen, Vikranth, Soori, Harish Uthaman and many others are a part of star-cast, which is made simultaneously in Tamil and Telugu.

Yechacha Yechacha
Singer: Jithin Raj
Lyrics: Vairamuthu

The song will instantly get everyone’s attention because, it holds a core of theme that would get the youngsters adhered .This is about praising woman in spite of the guy drenched in love failure. What happens usually in Tamil cinema is that the guy with love failure and his friends when boozed would instantly get to curse women. But here, scenario is different! Thanks to Suseenthiran and Vairamuthu for conceiving a song of such difference. No doubt, the song will be a sure-footed hit in charts.

Rail Aaraaroo
Singers: Pradeep Kumar, Shreya Ghoshal

When you find these esthetically tailor made singers for melodious tracks, you’ll surely anticipate a soul stirring number. Yes, it does work out to a certain extent, but adding up some rock based rhythmic pattern though its medium paced stops it from becoming a beautiful melody. If the same tune was played without the guitars and just strings, it would have made a real big connect with the listeners.

Aram Seyya Virumbu
Singer: Hariharan

Trust us! The entire film doesn’t need so many songs, just this single one is enough to get the audiences prepared for what this film is all about. The song gets us so much emotionally connected. The lyrics are so much blissful to listen after something like ‘Anbe Sivam’. Hariharan renders the number with much more adorning voice.

Singer: Aditya Rao and Sharanya Gopinath

An ordinary number that Imman could have scored keeping Telugu music listeners in mind… Yes, Imman has imparted lots of efforts into the instrumentals and composing, but then, it might take some time to brew up for the listeners’ attention.

Aei Arakka
Singer: Benny Dayal

It sounds like a montage song, which will surely bring an impact with the placement and situational impact. It holds something so powerful and all credit goes to lyricist. D Imman’s effortful music would definitely yield the finest results with visuals.

Dark Rooster – Theme Music

Theme music shorter in duration, but gives a much overpowering spell of instrumentals. it gives a mixed feel of spookiness and some mysterious evolution. Definitely, it could have its brewing moment with the visuals.

Badass – Theme Music

While the previous theme music had a much focus upon instrumental part, D Imman balances here with more Sound elements. It is so much illustrious with bits and pieces of music, we get to witness here.

On the whole, the songs in ‘Nenjil Thunivirundhal’ have a decent package, where couple of songs ‘Yechacha’ and ‘Aram Seidhu Pazhagu’ is instant picks. The other songs might take some time to get into our favourite lists.