O Kadhal Kanmani Songs Review

O Kadhal Kanmani Songs Review

Much awaited album from the trio Maniratnam-ARRahman-PCsreeram altogether in Oh Kadhal Kanmani. Album which has 9 tracks with debut AR Ameen a special note. A romantic theme enough to get what is expected from these legends. Songs which you expect for all your moments in life. Here the O Kadhal Kanmani Songs Review.

1. Kaara Attakkaara
Singers: Aaryan Dinesh Kanagaratnam | Darshana | Shashaa Tirupati
Lyrics: Aaryan Dinesh Kanagaratnam | AR Rahman | Mani Ratnam

O Kadhal Kanmani Songs Review

A familiar teaser song which we used to in promos which starts off in high note of freshness. The way it begins and the humming brings goosebumps. Followed is a surprise, its a hip-hop rap song. Dinesh rap sections top the song to heights. Dialogues, changeover in tune, rap section, funny music altogether a welcome treat for the album.

2. Aye Sinamika
Singers: Karthik
Lyrics: Vairamuthu

O Kadhal Kanmani Songs Review

Romantic solo from Karthik. After years, karthik-ARR duo together for a romantic number. A song completely driven by the free style chorus and karthik vocal fits in like a anchor. Beautiful mild composition with guitar, flute touches here and there, playful drums & piano, on the whole, a perfect romance feel while hearing itself.

3. Parandhu Sella Vaa
Singers: Karthik | Shashaa Tirupati
Lyrics : Vairamuthu

O Kadhal Kanmani Songs Review

A song which stands in the middle of all journals of music. A different treatment like initial portions starts like melody, then a peppy combo of karthik & shashaa and then shahaa solo carnatic portions wherein music turns with base and then a beautiful melody of the two, above sequence repeats again and ends with a melody. Instant like for the base tune of the song.

4. Mental Manadhil (Male)
Singers: AR Rahman | Jonita Gandhi
Lyrics: AR Rahman | Mani Ratnam

O Kadhal Kanmani Songs Review

A energetic peppy song in Rahman vocals. Techno music, clap sounds, peppy tunes takes the song to a level. Never heard such a voice from Rahman’s specially when he say the word takka takka, crazy to the core. Maniratnam minimal single word lyrics adds flavours everywhere. Top the charts from the single release itself.

5. Naane Varugiren
Singers: Sathya Prakash, Shashaa Tirupati
Lyrics: Vairamuthu

O Kadhal Kanmani Songs Review

A classical number with shashaa in lead and occasional sathya. Begins with a free style long and then slow transition to the classical. Drum pad and Mirudhangam adds sharpness for the voice. The way chinnanchiru ragasiyame interlude starts off, truly amazing. A song to hum along and sure to take away to stand before love.

6. Theera Ulaa
Singers: AR Rahman | Darshana | Nikita Gandhi
Lyrics: Vairamuthu

O Kadhal Kanmani Songs Review

A racy fusion song. Right from the beginning, racy drums till the end make the song in a ride mode and also make you remember thenmerku paruvakkattru tune. Along the way, classical flavor too a added note. A experimental song in a stimulating mode that simply attracts you more.

7. Mental Manadhil (Female)
Singers: AR Rahman | Jonita Gandhi
Lyrics: AR Rahman | Mani Ratnam

O Kadhal Kanmani Songs Review

A new dimension for the already familiar tune. Though music with a little tweaks here and there, Jonita managed to fascinate this too in her own style and also the chorus everywhere a notable difference. A casual singing with energy poured in to detail the original song.

8. Malargal Kaettaen
Singers: AR Rahman | Chithra
Lyrics: Vairamuthu

O Kadhal Kanmani Songs Review

Years after Chithra in a classical with Rahman. A slow classical one with traditonal instruments ganjira back the song strongly and flute touches for the tune. Poetic lyrics from vairamuthu fit for the theme. Male voice towards the end, for duo playback which ends beautifully.

9. Maula Wa Sallim
Singers: AR Ameen

O Kadhal Kanmani Songs Review

A islamic traditional song from rahman’s own product, by introducing AR Ameen. Innocent voice and mild humming makes it a place in our heart. Though difficult to understand the lyrics, tune makes us go along the way. Rahman chose this song for his kid, like vocal projects at front with a very mild humming in back.

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Favorite Numbers : Kaara Attakkaara, Mental Manadhil, Theera Ulaa

Song of the Album : Parandhu Sella Vaa

In a Nutshell:
1. Kaara Attakkaara – #Freshness
2. Aye Sinamika – #Romantic
3. Parandhu Sella Vaa – #Casual
4. Mental Manadhil (Male) – #Peppy
5. Naane Varugiren – #Classy
6. Theera Ulaa – #Racy
7. Mental Manadhil (Female) – #Remix
8. Malargal Kaettaen – #classicalsoul
9. Maula Wa Sallim – #Innocence

Overall : Romantic Album for all, for all journals in Rahman’s Style

User Rating 4.67 (3 votes)