Oh Manapenne Movie Review

Oh Manapenne Movie Review

Oh Manapenne Movie Review

While making the remake, director Kaarthikk Sundar and actor Harish Kalyan would have been very clear about what’s going to be the feedback for this movie. Obviously, the target audiences are going to be the ones from the urban backdrops, especially multiplex groups, who celebrated the original version ‘Pelli Choopulu’. This was a movie that scored brownie points for Vijay Devarakonda, even before the arrival of his Arjun Reddy avatar. The movie was a blueprint for many producers in the Telugu film industry, where it proved to be a small investment big profit project. Apparently, they earned decent monetization through this remake in Tamil as well.

Okay! Let’s get down with the analysis

As the trailers have already revealed, the movie is about Karthik (Harish Kalyan) and Shruthi Haasan (Priya Bhavani Shankar), whose perspectives about lives are completely different. While Karthik is yet to clear his arrears, he is keen on getting hitched for the sake of dowry, which he believes will help him kick-start his business. On the other hand, there is a responsible and ambitious Shruthi, who feels that marriage isn’t the only solace for a woman. Both bounce upon each other during a mismatched bride-groom meet. However, they get acquainted soon due to the common factor of ‘Food’ passion they share. What unfolds next is a series of incidents in their lives, which takes them through the journey of friendship and then love.

First and foremost, if you want to enjoy Oh Mana Penne, then you’ll have to completely get drained of Pelli Choopulu hangover. Naturally, it’s not an easy task to get Vijay Devarakonda out of the mind, while watching this movie, but still for the ones, who have not gone for the original version, this is a pretty good-cherry pick. Harish Kalyan has convincingly performed well suiting to the role to T. On the other hand, Priya Bhavani Shankar looks matured for the role, and yes, this role demands for such an actress. Abhishek Kumar and Anbu Dasan is a special relief. In most of the comedy factors, we have seen till the date, it would be a selected bunch of actors to tickle the funny bones. However, kudoses to the director Kaarthik Sundar for bringing up these talented youngsters to do the show. Their one liners are enjoyable. Besides, Venu Aravind and Venkatesh have given their best into their roles. Ashwin’s cameo is good.

Director Kaarthik Sundar deserves special mention for bringing a good bunch of actors together and extracting the best potentials from them. The movie will earn him good credits, and we can look forward to a decent filmmaker in the Tamil movie industry. Vishal Chandrashekar’s musical score has contributed a lot towards the enhancement of this movie. Not to miss the splendiferous cinematography.

Although, there is a slight slowness in the screenplay during the second half, it doesn’t hamper the progression of the script. Of course, it’s a Rom-Com genre, and you can’t expect twists and turns with thrill elements.

Oh Manapenne streaming on Disney Plus Hotstar is a feel-good love story that can be enjoyed individually and as family.

Oh Manapenne Movie Review
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Verdict: The team deserves appreciation for doing justice to the original version ‘Pelli Choopulu’ with proper regional adaptation.

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