Oh My Ghost Movie Review

Oh My Ghost Movie Review

Oh My Ghost Movie Review

As the year comes to an end, we have a unique movie that doesn’t have a single plus to mention, which would indeed, make it a shortest review of the year.

The ‘Sunny Leone’ brand is more than enough to be loud enough that what the film is actually targeting for. The target audiences are already set, and that gives a blind hope to filmmakers and producers that their movie is going to mint them big money. But when they have decided to make a mainstream movie, their ideas would eventually give them a backlash. Yes, the movie has minimum guarantee and OTT business would fill the pockets of producers, but then, a movie like ‘Oh My Ghost’ is a curse to Tamil Cinema.

If your intention is to make an adult horror-comedy, sticking to the norms of the genre would at least do justice to the target audience, but when you have got nothing but to blindly chisel the so-called group, it’s total mess.

Sunny Leone and Darsha Gupta are used for oomph factors. Sathish and Ramesh Thilak engrossed us with their presence in ‘Kanam’, but this movie is a worst one. Rest of the star-cast is more annoying and annoying.

Oh My Ghost Movie Review
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