Oh My Kadavule Movie Review

Oh My Kadavule Movie Review

Oh My Kadavule Movie Review

DirectorAshwath Marimuthu
Written byAshwath Marimuthu
ProducerAshok Selvan
Abhinaya Selvam
Dilli Babu
CastAshok Selvan
Ritika Singh
Vani Bhojan
Sha Ra
MusicLeon James
EditorBoopathi Selvaraj
Production companyAxess Film Factory
Happy High Pictures
Running Time154 mins

Debutant Ashwath Marimuthu’s Oh My Kadavule features Ashok Selvan, Ritika Singh and Vani Bhojan in title role with Vijay Sethupathi appearing in an extended cameo. The film is a Rom-Com laced with some fantasy elements, which had the trailers keeping everyone hooked up to it. We at Studio Flicks bring you the first exclusive review on the film.

The film revolves around a not-so happy Arjun (Ashok Selvan), who is married to his childhood friend Anu (Ritika Singh). Although, both of them have been good friends, he can’t take her as his wife as he feels there’s something missing. Eventually, his life takes a turn when his school senior (Vani Bhojan) enters his life. The biggest of all surprises arrive with a mysterious person (Vijay Sethupathi) giving him a chance to change his life as he wants.

Soon after watching this film, you’ll be having those cognizances trying to link up Akshay Kumar’s Oh My God and Prithviraj’s Malayalam movie ‘James & Alice’. Naturally, the premise remains the same, where a supernatural person intervenes into the lives of protagonists, who have lived of their egoistic ideologies. In a similar essence, we can find the identical incidence here as well. However, what’s the major highlight is that the movie is a Rom-Com and it is completely catered to the family audiences. In fact, there are certain emotional moments in the film that doesn’t emphasize on the beauty of relationship between a couple, but their families as well. Ashwath Marimuthu doesn’t limit the drama to romance alone, but steps into the friendship zone making it look commendable. On the flip side, we find that the film has the momentum dropped in few places. But that doesn’t hamper the progression.

When it comes to performances, everyone in the film has done a huge justice to their roles. The film’s major plus is the casting of right actors, who render an impeccable performance. Ashok Selvan and Ritika Singh deliver a laudable show. Vani Bhojan comes up with a matured performance. Vijay Sethupathi, Ramesh Thilak, MS Bhaskar and Shah Ra have neatly conveyed their roles.

Technically, Vidhu Ayyanna’s cinematography can be appreciated. The composing of every shot is natural and colorful. The musical score by Leon James could have been better though.

Overall, Oh My Kadavule is a feel-good movie that is packaged with good romance, fun and emotions.