Parking Movie Review

Parking Movie Review

Harish Kalyan-MS Bhaskar starrer ‘Parking’ has kept the expectations on decent graph from the time of its visual promos. The film has captivated our interests for the statements made by the team that it’s a movie that would be relatable for everyone. The film is directed by Ram Kumar Balakrishnan, and is produced by Passion Studios in association with Soldier’s Film Factory.

The film opens with the protagonist (Harish Kalyan), an IT professional along with his wife (Induja) moving into a new house, while another family headed by a honest Government officer (MS Bhaskar) at ground floor. With his wife becoming pregnant, Harish Kalyan decides to buy a car, and the issue begin to hassle between both families, when MS Bhaskar accidentally scratches the car while parking his bike. From here begins a roller-coaster emotional and egoistic clash between both the men.

No doubt! You can’t stop relating this film with movies like ‘Driving Licence’ and ‘Ayappanum Koshiyum’ as few moments might bring up the identical elements. However, the writing is too good in many places, which keeps us engrossed. The intention is good, characterisations are neatly crafted, and the presentation is impressive. Usually, drama movies fail to impress the crowds on technical aspects, since there would be more vitality for the emotions and drama, whereas this technical crew impresses with their making style. In particular, the cinematography by Jiju Sunny, commendable BGM by Sam CS and crisp editing by Philomin Raj is outstanding.

On the flip side, the length could have been trimmed a bit. While the first half has lots of engaging moments, the post-interval scenes slightly get into the mediocre phase at places. With a trimming of 10-15 minutes, the film would have outperformed many promising films of this year.

With performances, it’s MS Bhaskar, who is going to win many awards. Be the scene, where he gives a damn stare near the motor, or his humble gesture to Induja, he is remarkable. Harish Kalyan gives an equally decorous performance. All the other actors too deliver neat acting spell.

Overall, Parking is a decent package that will definitely have its appreciations from audiences.

Parking Movie Review
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Verdict: An ordinary drama crafted with ‘Thriller’ treatment gives a satisfactory experience

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