Poojai Movie Review

Poojai Movie Review

Cast : Vishal, Shruti Haasan, Sathyaraj, Radhika, Soori etc
Direction : Hari
Production : Vishal
Music : Yuvan
Editing : V.T.Vijayan
Cinematography : Priyan

There are some films which can be specially made for the festival seasons, some will come as a family pack mixed with comedies, some will give you a roller-coaster ride feel of screenplay, some will make you come to the edge of the seat, some will entertain you with cat and rat tricks, some will engage you throughout the movie with rapid-fire sequences, stop! stop! what you are trying to say??? Yes, if you want to experience all these feel in one movie in hari’s usual style, stop here and straight away go to the theatre.

Hari is known for his hurried screenplay with mix of all flavours to make it a action paced masala flick. Yet its the same old one man revenge story, speed of the movie makes it forget all. vishal perfectly fits the action role as usual, his rough look and loud voice makes the theatre sound like anything.Innocent face, centiment scenes, love rejection reaction, vishal doing just like that easily.

Shurti, over makeup look yet pleasant for the eyes. Its like watching an extended pothy’s boutique adv. This movie also has some legendary stars Sathiyaraj and Radhika, used less in the movie though they have the powerful characters.

Comedies worked out well mostly except few. New combo soori and pandy tried like Goundamani & Senthil which come up well. Few forced comedies too there as black dot which could be avoided.

A special mention for editing. As it is a hari movie, editing boosted to a level more in this and it goes like a super fast express from start to end which actually fills the holes of the movie. At times, one will think they fast forward scenes. Yuvan BGM goes in same super speed of the movie in parallel and it really sounds well at fight sequences. Songs are average and not usual Yuvan’s magic.

Many negatives to point out, repetitive action sequences between the hero and villain, at a point you fed up “hay still this same guy coming again and again of fallback, predictable scenes though the movie goes super-fast, few unwanted songs, post-interval film takes the route of melodramatic which is too long, all the knot in the movie are unfold before the interval itself and after that, just a cat and mouse fight till the end makes you say stop at one point, no detailed brainy tricks used, just sumos and rod fights.

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Typical Hari movie with usual sumos, rods, super rapid screenplay, centiments, comedy packed with lot of holes yet make you entertain on the whole.

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