Psycho Movie Review

Psycho Movie Review
Psycho Movie Review

Psycho Movie Review

Written byMysskin
ProducerArun Mozhi Manickam
CastUdhayanidhi Stalin
Aditi Rao Hydari
Nithya Menen
CinematographyTanveer Mir
EditorN. Arunkumar
Production companyDouble Meaning Production
Running Time145 mins

Director Mysskin’s strong influences from western filmmakers have won him both bouquets and brickbats. Of course, when a new stream of cinema is created, the reception branches out into for and against. Naturally, he has managed to create a fan base for himself, which is miniscule indeed. So, is ‘Psycho’ meant for this cohort or it manages to expand the fan base for Mysskin?

When a psychopath on the loose of brutally murdering young girls in Coimbatore has trapped Rahini (Aditi Rao Hydari), a beautiful RJ, the visually impaired Gautham (Udhayanidhi Stalin), who is madly in love with her has to break all the odds teaming up with a quadriplegic ex-cop (Nithya Menen) and rescue her.

Director Mysskin is known for some tactics, where he would give some surprises in unheralded way. This includes major twists and of course, the shots you would have not expected. Say for instance, when the visually impaired Gautham walks into the room of the frustrated quadriplegic Nithya Menen’s room and slaps her, the theatre finds it as a relief to laugh out loud amidst the blood-splashing murders of psychopath. The film proceeds well during the first hour that includes the absolute intensity achieved during the intermission. However, it starts losing its substance and dragged a lot towards the end. Moreover, a filmmaker like Mysskin falling into the pits of illogical spell annoys and disappoints us heavily. What we see as strong characters in the first half like Singam Puli and director Ram ending up with silly culminations exhibits the director’s amateurish and brutal character assassination.

Getting on with the performances, Udhayanidhi Stalin has given his best efforts and it is very much evident in each and every scene. The way he tries to experiment with different roles in one to the other is definitely appreciable. Nithya Menen’s performance is flawless, but her characterization is so much weak. Except for delivering foul languages, her character has nothing to do with the script. And next happens to Aditi Rao Hydari, who has given an excellent performance. The actor in the psychotic role is marvelous and he is sure to win the accolades that will fill up his racks. Singam Puli and director Ram have been wasted.

It’s so much irking to see the police department showcased as intellectually lame persons, where they don’t do anything in spite of a senior officer being murdered. Ilayaraja’s musical score is good and cinematography is excellent.

On the whole, Psycho is a repetition of how psychos have been portrayed in cinema so far. They all have a buried childhood filled with brutality and of course, this is a commendable attempt by Mysskin to bring up a much sensitive topic that not many would like to openly debate. However, if Mysskin had delivered a promising screenplay as in Yuddham Sei, this would have been a remarkable feat of celebration for entire Tamil cinema.

Psycho Movie Review
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Verdict: Bold attempt, excellent performance and gripping moments, but mostly dominated by poor and dragging screenplay ruins the show.

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