PT Sir Movie Review

PT Sir Movie Review

Thiagarajan manages an esteemed college and school in the community. The protagonist of the narrative is Hip Hop Adi, who serves as the Physical Education teacher in this educational institution. Adi is not the type to involve himself in any trouble or seek justice; he prefers to keep his distance whenever there is a problem. Meanwhile, Anika, whom Adi considers his younger sister, encounters an issue related to the college. Tragically, she takes her own life as a result. The subsequent events form the remainder of the film’s storyline.

Director Karthik Venugopalan has effectively conveyed social concerns through his direction in this film, much like he did in the movie Nenjamundu Nermaiyundu. The portrayal of the atrocities faced by women in the film is commendable as it evokes a strong emotional response. However, the screenplay could have been more captivating and engaging.

The director, Karthik Venugopalan, deserves praise for skillfully portraying the bitter experiences of society from childhood to adulthood on screen. Despite some flaws in the screenplay, the interval and climax scene were particularly impressive. The standout performances of Hip Hop Aadi and Anika added strength to the film, although Hip Hop Adi could still work on his acting skills.

Kashmira, the protagonist, possesses a respectable on-screen presence, yet her character lacks depth. Thiagarajan, portraying the antagonist, delivers an impactful performance. The film’s greatest strength lies in the commendable acting by Ilavarasu and Devadarshini. While the songs may not be emotionally moving, the background music significantly enhances the film, particularly with the inclusion of ‘Acchamillai Acchamillai’, intensifying the emotional aspect. The cinematography and editing are satisfactory.

Overall, PT Sir is passable in places, but the emotional connection between the movie and audiences is retained throughout the film, for the core topic. The film takes it time to set a riveting graph, but the screenplay from interval point till climax is so engaging, especially with the climax twist.

PT Sir Movie Review
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Verdict: PT Sir deals with a heart-wrenching social issue, and is presented decently!

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