Pugazh Movie Review

Pugazh Movie Review

Direction & Writer : Manimaran
Producer : Varun Manian | Sushant Prasad | Govindaraj
Cast : Jai | Surabhi
Music : Vivek-Mervin
Cinematography : Velraj
Editor : G. B. Venkatesh
Production company : Film Department
Distribution : Ayngaran International
Running Time : 127 mins

Pugazh was ready for release in 2015, due to various unknown reasons the release was delayed couple of times and finally it hit the screens today. Coming to the story , its another political drama in which the hero and a politician fights for a play ground. Politician wants to give the place to built a factory, whereas hero wants to save the place for the memories which he and the local area people had in the playground. How hero wins back the playground covers the remaining story.

Jai returns after an year, His last release was Valiyavan in 2015. Very well settled performance, single handedly he carries the movie. He also tries to showcase his dancing skills in the opening song. Surabhi looks beautiful and did her part well. She doesn’t had much scope to perform. No duets or interesting romantic portions. R J Balaji as hero’s close friend, Few of his one liners are funny.

Karunas scores with his brilliant performance, especially in the second half towards the end. Maarimuthu as Politician, the antagonist. He is a perfect selection for this particular role, Neat body language and dialogue delivery. Another character which stays in mind is ‘Thozhar’ Arul – heard that he is a lyric writer. There are many more notable characters in the cast includes Jai’s friend Venkat, Jai’s sister, Minister’s relative etc.

Music has been composed by Vivek-Mervin duo of ‘Vadacurry’ fame. Vivek Shiva and Mervin Solomon. Very good bgm and re-recording. Songs are also impressive. Album has a total of five songs, but film has just two – Opening song ‘Pondicherry kadaloram..’ is a dance number and ‘Neeyae Vaalkai..’ second version is a melody number. Promising work by this young musicians.

Technically the film is well balanced by cinematography, art direction, editing and stunt choreography. Velraj’s camera work is commendable. Most of the shots looked real & casual. Velraj has done a cameo role too. Editing could have been a little smoother for this 2 hrs 08 mins film. Actions scenes have been choreographed well.

Film is directed by Manimaaran, an assistant of Dir.Vetrimaaran. This is Manimaaran’s second film as director after ‘Udhayam NH4’. The plot which he handles is pretty good, but the screenplay is sluggish, there are very few interesting scenes. Engaging screenplay would have been made wonders.Dialogues are also not so powerful.Film can be watched once for its content.