Ra Tamil Movie Review

RA – A Decent experimental attempt! Fantasy horror genre, which is new to tamil cinema in recent times.

Film starts with heroine elopes with hero, their marriage, then he brings her to his home. After a party with friends-sudden death of heroine. Rest is how hero handles the super power behind the death and what actually happened to her and who else is going to die.

Horror first half is enjoyable, but fantasy 2nd half leaves you puzzled. Lead actor & writer Ashraf’s performance is commendable, heroine Aditi chengappa gets just 2 songs and couple of scenes in the begining. Less number of characters in the film. Among them, who stays in the mind are hero’s friend, that kid and the scientist.

Raj Aryan’s songs are quite disappointing, thankfully no songs in the second half. But Re-recording is brilliant. Technical side is good with superb cinematography from Saravanan Ramasamyand a neat editing by Prem Boominathan. Both Raj Aryan and Saravanan are major plus to the film.

Written and directed by debut Prabhu Yuvaraj. Kudos for the for attempting the new genre. Interesting fact is that the film deals with 4th dimension which we used to see only in hollywood films. Unfortunately few main knots remains unanswered till the finish of the film. Reason behind heroine’s death is not convincing. Introduction of the protagonist’s character at the end spoils the show, which is unnecessary. End credits rolls with ‘To be continued..’. Director might reveal the answer in the sequel. Second half writing and direction could have been better.

Overall its a welcoming attempt by fresh talents.

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Ra – Welcoming attempt by fresh talents

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