Rail Movie Review

Rail Movie Review

Rail that was earlier named as ‘Vadakkan’ is directed by Bhaskar Sakthi, and is produced by Vediyappan. The film has Kungumaraj and Vaira Maala in the lead role with Parvez Mehru, Ramesh Vaidhya and Senthil Kochadai is performing pivotal roles.

The story revolves around a North Indian worker, who is called as ‘Vadakkan’ (Pervez Mehru) in the neighbourhood of Tamil Nadu. He resides along a small place, where there are 2-3 families. On his arrival, he develops a decent brother-sister bonding with a homemaker in the colony (Vairamala), which leaves her husband (Kungumaraj), an irresponsible spendthrift, and freewheeling character get annoyed and doubt about their relationship. He along with his three friends, decided to kill this North Indian, only to get shocked by his accidental death. What unfolds next is an emotional dramatic moments.

Starting off with performances, Kungumaraj has showcased a decent performance. During the initial portions, he is seen as a wayward with egoistic and antagonistic issues, but his post-interval, especially his acting in pre-climax scene is appreciable. Vairamala has exhibited a realistic performance. In particular, there is a scene where she emotionally reacts with perplexed thoughts after the demise of the North Indian, and knowing that her husband could have stolen his money is really appreciable. Ramesh Vaithya in the role of Varathan has given a natural spell. Senthil Kochadai as the heroine’s father wins the appreciation with his dialogues and performance.

The first half has very light moments, and has nothing interesting, but the interval twist that is followed by post-interval moments are quite emotional and engrossing.

Technically, the attempt of Synch Sound recording is appreciable and the lighting is too low.

However, Rail is a decent attempt, where there is clarity in writing.

Rail Movie Review
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Verdict: Rail has a mediocre first half, but gets better and emotional in second half.

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