Rendagam Movie Review

Rendagam Movie Review

Rendagam Movie Review

Filmmaker Fellini’s Rendagam featuring Aravind Swami and Kunchako Boban in the lead roles is a bilingual flick made in Tamil and Malayalam. The original version of Malayalam titled ‘Ottu’ had its theatrical release on September 8, 2022. This week, the Tamil version of this movie has been released.

The story opens with a happy-go-lucky crook conman (Kunchako Boban), who will do anything for the sake of money. This smart fraudulent man is offered an assignment by a bunch of strangers to get acquainted with Dawood (a) David (Aravind Swami), an aide to powerful mafia lord. David has lost his memory during a shootout while smuggling Kilos of Gold that are worth Billions. If Kunchako Boban is able to retrieve the memory of the gangster, and bring open to light, the whereabouts of smuggled gold, he would be offered a whopping sum of Rs.25Lacs. Things go as planned by Boban until he is struck by an unexpected shock.

Having cited the world ‘Unexpected shock’, it’s not just the lead character, but the audiences as well. This is the main highlight of Rendagam as Fellini tries it as the main trump card to surprise us. Yes, we can even bring up a Hollywood movie for reference starring Leonardo Di Caprio. Nonetheless, by doing so, it would be an absolute spoiler.

The first half of this movie starts on a slight sluggish note, but with the post-interval sequences, there are some interesting twists and turns. The performances of both the lead characters Aravind Swami and Kunchako Boban are commendable. Although the major portions of this movie revolve around these two characters, we don’t get bored as their screen presence itself adds up more value in addition to their stellar performances. The other actors like Aadukalam Naren, Eesha Rebba and others do their roles neatly although their screen times are minimal.

On the whole, Rendagam is a decent watchable movie for the treatment of screenplay and the promising performances of the lead actors.

Rendagam Movie Review
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Verdict: A passable & engaging flick with ‘Twist’ as the ultimate showstopper

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