Rum Movie Review

Rum Movie Review

Directed by : Sai Bharath
Written by :Sai Bharath
Producer : T. Vijayaraghavendra
Cast : Hrishikesh, Narain, Sanchita Shetty, Miya George, Vivek
Music : Anirudh Ravichander
Editor : Sathyaraj Natarajan
Cinematographer : Vignesh Vasu
Production company : All In Pictures
Running time : 132 mins

This Friday seems to belong for the newcomers as almost all the releases happen to be directed by debut filmmakers. Here is Sai Bharath who has been waiting for months to witness this day of his dreams – release of his debut film ‘RUM’. The film as promoted and cited by makers as a heist-horror thriller stars Hrishikesh, Sanchitha Shetty, Vivek, Narain and Miya George in lead roles. Much importantly, the film features musical score by Anirudh, which has been the topmost attraction for audiences to pick up this show.

A group of people are involved in the heist and still remain unnoticed by police. They comprise of Hrishikesh, Sanchita Shetty, Amzath Khan, Vivek and Arjun Chidambaram. As they embark on a most crucial heist of getting the precious gem stones, which is believed by paranormal researchers as source of keeping away the ghosts, they want to sell it for a bigger price. But sooner, a crooked cop Thomas (Narain) gets to settle score with them as they have looted the same precious stones that he is in desperate need, but not for money. These people on the task of escaping from Thomas find their hideout as a forest bungalow, where they start witnessing paranormal activities.

It’s really a perplexing film, where you don’t find any interesting moments, anywhere. Having promoted the film as Heist-Horror, you don’t find anything gripping over these elements. Even the comedy sequences that director tries to work out through Vivek remains to be a disappointing one. Hrishikesh looks so much doubtful on what he is going to perform. During most of the scenes, he looks so much stubborn and so vague. Sanchitha Shetty appears with skimpy costumes as a part of this heist team and she has nothing to perform there. Vivek as mentioned tries to work out humour, but fails. Amzath Khan doesn’t get a proper scope to perform. Arjun Chidambaram’s characterization looks too odd. Narain is completely wasted and the only convincing performance comes from Miya George.

we haven’t seen such a twist and the penultimate sequence to climax,

Getting on with the narrative aspect, there are some gripping moments, especially the twist that comes through interval is really outstanding. In spite of so many horror movie releases down the line for past couple of years, we haven’t seen such a twist and the penultimate sequence to climax, the portions involving Miya George and mystery are very well pictured. But these are the only gripping moments for the complete 130 minutes while rest remain too tedious.

Anirudh’s background is worthy of appreciations, especially for the climax episode

Anirudh’s background is worthy of appreciations, especially for the climax episode, he does a brilliant job, but songs were quite appreciable when listened as track, but not with the visuals. Vignesh Vasu could have composed better shots and DI/Colour grading is the terrible spoiler, where the tones keep changing from scene to scene.

With lack of horror, fun or thrill in heist factors, there is nothing much to look upon ‘RUM’, which has not more than 20 minutes of engrossing scenes.